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Library: Plague of adventurers


Author: borehound
Date:Feb 26 2012

Once upon a time.. more like a few years ago, but once upon a time always
sounds better. Once upon a time, there was a sign of distress among the
village people near Hugoville as the adventurers came to pillage the village
each day several times. While getting killed by adventurers was the every day
life of the villages (and a standard practice of the Gods to bring them back
to life), the strange occurance was that the adventurers kept leaving the
coins of the poor villagers (and their equipment as well!) to their bodies!
While being killed by itself was something that happened a lot in the realm of
Bat, and dying was, well, something not to be afraid of (in the long run), the
thought of your bodies not being naked when you become one again wasn't
something these poor souls were used to!

The Gods had been looking upon the murder of the villagers for a while and
couldn't really determine what to think of the situation. Esachen, the
protector of Stability, thought that it was breaking the balance of the world
that these poor villagers were to be killed by adventurers. It made the
adventurers stronger, and made the villagers weaker each day without any
possibility of becoming what they had been before! Clearly, this had to be
breaking the balance of strength in his opinion. Tarmalen, the god of Healing
and Kauwenda, The Goddess beyond the Veil agreed with Esachen. They had grown
tired of having to watch the same poor souls wander into their realms and out
again all day long. The Chaos powers, on the other hand, thought it was
fitting and most satisfying to see the villagers perish but they too found it
odd that the adventurer's didn't loot the coins or valuables from the bodies.
After all, they would have made good sacrifices to the gods and made them more

After a few days of this odd occurance had happened, and that the Gods had
quarreled over the matter, Aveallis decided that it was time to call upon the
Wizards to solve this debate amongst the Gods. The task was assigned to one of
the newer wizards, as the Archwizards were most likely doing something of
more.. importance than obeying the whims of the Gods. And besides, Gods
weren't really all that important in their opinion to begin with.

As the task was set to this unnamed Wizard and who set to observe the group of
adventurers passing the village and watching the murdering of the villagers,
he came to a conclusion that these adventurers always followed exactly the
same path and did exactly in the same manner. This began to draw suspicion in
the unnamed wizard who decided to do something of a interest and gave some
extra power to one of the villagers. Some is always a bit of a vague
expression, so perhaps it would be best to say that this particular villager
became as strong as you'd imagine Divine beings being.

The next day the band of adventurers came to the village and started the round
once more. Upon meeting this particular villager they fought for a moment
and.. they died. The unnamed Wizard blinked and watched the band of
adventurers in the realms of hell, as they still went about their round in the
realm of hell as they'd have done in the world of living. The unnamed Wizard
gasped as it dawned on him. These weren't adventurers, they were robots!
Hurrying back to the heavens, the Wizard explained to the Gods that they were
in fact robots. Like ones you'd see in the forests, making thousands upon
thousands of torches. Still not understanding what the wizard was saying, the
Gods asked him to explain better. Unable to find better words to describe what
was happening, the Wizard said he would tell the Archwizards and they'd
explain it better if they saw it fit. The Gods agreed, it's not like the
debate was still going on (Draen-Dalar had stated they're just doing what
adventurers do, being irrational.. he loved that aspect about them. That had
cut the conversation off, as they all agreed that to be true).

Upon catching an Archwizard that wasn't busy, the unnamed Wizard explained his
observations to the Archwizard about the case at hand. After listening to the
full explanation of what the unnamed Wizard had done, the Archwizard nodded
his head and asked the unnamed wizard a question: "What should be done about
this band of adventurers?" "Should we remove them? Ban them from the realms?"
before the unnamed Wizard could answer, the Archwizard wove his hand. "There
we go, now back to other things." he Archwizard said. Blinking, the unnamed
Wizard couldn't help but to ask: "What's it that you did to them?" "Well,
Unnamed Wizard, I turned them all into tinmen and made them guard the very
same village they were tormenting. Now they'll all be killed by other
adventurers in the future. I think it's a fitting punishment. They'll be
adventurers never again!"