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Library: Karel and the Elegast, a Dutch story.


Author: jotain
Date:Feb 27 2012

King Karel de great is visited in a dream by an angel who instructs him to go
out to steal, or else he will die. Karel is first skeptical about the
reliability of the angel, but when the angel repeats his orders three times (3
is a sacred number), he is convinced, and he pulls into the dark forest to
steal. Driving through the forest Karel realized that his loyal knight Elegast
has been punished to harshly by being banished for a minor offense. Unknown to
Karel he is a black knight, he meets in the night. After the Karel defeats the
knight who turns out to be Elegast, he names himself as AdelBrecht ("of noble
birth), because he does not want Elegast know that his king has gone to steal.

Karel / AdelBrecht then proposes to go steel from the king (himself), but an
indignant Elegast rejects his proposal: he is still loyal to his monarch.
Instead he proposes to go rob, Eggeric, Karels evil brother. Elegast soon
suspects that Karel / AdelBrecht is not a real thief, partly because he wants
to use a plowshare to break into EggerMonde Eggerics castle. Once Elegast
sneaks inside, he is warned by a rooster, which he can understand using magic
herbs, that the king is near. When Elegast hears this, he wants to warn Karel
/ AdelBrecht. who want to go home, but Elegast refuses, and continues.

After amassing great booty Karel / AdelBrecht is ready to leave. But Elegast
first wants to steal a precious saddle steal from the bedroom of Eggeric.
Eggeric , however, wakes up by the noise of the bells of the saddle. His wife,
the sister of King Karel, trying to calm him and leads him to tell what makes
him so restless: he wants to kill King Karel tomorrow  Eggeric then punches
her in the nose. Elegast, located in the bedroom of Eggeric and his wife,
captures her blood with his glove as evidence for the plan of Eggeric.

After he went back outside, he tells King Karel/ AdelBrecht about the
conspiracy. The king now realizes why God wished him to steal. Because Elegast
dares not to face the king . King Karel says that he will notify the king and
he returns to his castle. The next day,  Karel accuses  Eggeric and the other
conspirators of treason and he appeals to Elegast as a witness. It shows the
bloody glove as evidence Eggerics . Elegast then challenges Eggeric to single
combat to decide who is telling the truth. The loyal Elegast kills Eggeric and
is then reinstated and allowed to marry the widow of Eggeric, the sister of
King Karel.