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Library: Using mounts in parties


Author: lyriikka
Date:Apr 21 2012


I have been a knight almost continuously since 2005 and I have used mounts in
all kinds of situations including offensive exp parties, defensive 3man exp
parties, defensive exp parties, solo and EQ parties. Mounts were definately
usable for those purposes back in 2007 and nowadays, because of various tunes,
they are even more usable than back then.

Of course I havent really played this game since the end of 2007, so the stuff
here is almost five years old, but even so I decided to write a little guide
to help people use mounts more easily. This guide is written from a knight
perspective, but most of the stuff applies to beastmasters too. The best part
of this guide, i think, are the examples of the triggers I have used with my

If you see information in this guide that is clearly wrong or want to offer
new information(about various mount types for instance), just send me a tell.


WHINING TO THE LEADER: You need to be equipped so that you almost never need
to whine about your mount to the leader of the party. If you are a leader
yourself, then its different matter, but if you are not, try to aim for the
situation where you don't need to whine to him about anything mount related. 

A classic thing you should almost never whine about is 'a monster whacked me
off from my mount, can you leave the battle so i can start riding it again!'
... Please. If you drop off from your mount, you automatically lead it and
when battle is over OR your party leaves to a non-battle room, you just start
to ride it again. Easy.

WHEN OK TO WHINE: For instance in a situation, where you are doing 3man
defensive exp and you are about to start killing 1M monster and you want to
make sure you got time to sum your mount and start to ride it before the
battle starts.

TRIGGERS: You need triggers to use mounts easily. You need a mudclient like
zmud or batclient. More about this in the TRIGGERS section.

MOUNT DAMAGE: Mount needs to have 100% resistances at least to physical
damage. Preferably 100% resistances to all types of damage. A mount that needs
to be healed(e.g. by other party members), so that it won't die, is just

KEEPING MOUNT 'PROCTED MOUNTED' AND FED: You need to make sure that your mount
is protect mounted(same as ride underground) and fed in all situations. It
must never balk(balking is when mount refuses to move and you get left behind
with it). You use triggers to help you do it. Check FEEDING YOUR MOUNT.

WHAT IF MOUNT GETS LEFT BEHIND: Don't whine to the leader that 'he must stay
put so you can sum your mount' or that 'he must wait until you tick enough
spell points to sum your mount'. No. If your mount gets left behind, you sum
it when you got spell points or when you got time. If your mount has protect
mount, nobody can steal it, so its safe. I often summed my mount in a battle
and when it appeared I automatically leaded it with triggers and when battle
was over I started to ride it. Easy.

SPMAX AND SPTICK: You must also make sure, that you are in a reinc where you
got enough spmax and sptick to use mounts. Back in 2007 the spell 'summon
mount' costed 200 sps(now it costs only 100sps because Freld halved the cost)
and I didn't have any problem since my liches spmax is over 800. :)


OFFENSIVE PARTIES: Biggest benefit is of course wieldsize bonus, which mounts
give and which helps you wield bigger weapons. So basically you are able to
hit harder. In offensive parties your mount generally doesn't get hit so hard
so it's not that important that it has good resistances.

3MAN DEFENSIVE EXP/EQ PARTIES: Meaning parties where you are the only tank. In
these kinds of parties, your mount will get hit the hardest. You need a mount
with 100% resistances.

DEFENSIVE EXP/EQ PARTIES: In parties like these your mount doesn't necesarily
get hit so hard. Often a big EQ monster will hit your mount only during one
round and then your mount will throw you off. In EQ parties it's basically
best to take the mount which causes the least hassle to you and to your party.


Because I haven't played since 2007, I won't list mount properties in detail.
Here I list some stuff you need to think about when picking the right mount
for the job.
- Does the mount eat corpses? Corpse eating mounts are easier to feed.
- Does your mount eat food gotten with hunting or fishing?
- Does your mount swim? It's annnoying if they dont.
- Does your mount fly? Sometimes this is good.
- What is your mount's alignment? Good, neutral or evil? Some nun spells
affect evil mounts.
- Does your mount have ride underground by default? In some places you can't
cast spells.
- What are you mount's resistances to damage? Heavyest damage comes from 3man
defensive exp parties with you tanking in front row. Some monsters hit type
damage very hard and if your mount doesn't have a resistance do it, it might
- How much bonus does your mount grant to the rider? This affects not only how
much +skill you get from it, but also how much weaponwield bonus you get.
- How effective are your mounts attacks which it sometimes does against


If your mount gets hungry, it starts to balk. In a party this is bad, because
you might get left behind with your mount and your party might end up in
battle without you tanking in front row. 

You should feed your mount before it gets hungry. I used to do it once per
hour(you use a trigger to check the time), but I really don't have any clue
how long it takes for a mount to get hungry. I have not tested it in practice,
because of obvious reasons. :)

Some ways to keep mount fed:
- Always carry a mount feed bag. Squires give you 25% make mount feed skill
and you can use it to make feed for your mount. You get some plant lore from
bards guild, so you can use that to gather ingredients yourself or buy herbs
from alchemist guild shop. A feed bag works always, even when there are no
other means available.
-You can get somebody to cast 'satiate person' on your mount.
-You can feed corpses to some mounts, though sometimes in EQ parties there
might be situations where you fight only undeads and there are no corpses
-You can feed some types of mounts with stuff you get from skills hunting and
fishing, though you can't use those skills in all environments.
-Liches get 'preserve corpse' from the race guild. I sometimes used it before
an EQ party to preserve very light corpses(like birds) for food to my mount.


You have to use triggers to easily use mounts. I have included below a link to
my zMUD triggers but here are some descriptions of basic triggers/commands you
will need:
-when you take your mount out of stable or start to ride it, you store its
name to a variable
-when your mount throws you off, you automatically lead it using the name in
that variable
-when you dismount your mount, you automatically lead it
-when you cast protect mount(gives ride underground) to a mount, you save the
casting time to variable you can check later
-when you feed your mount, you save the time to a variable you can check later
-you keep a name list of all _your_ mounts in a variable
-whenever you see your mount, which name is on your list and which is not lead
or ridden by anybody, you automatically lead it
-whenever you summon your mount, you automatically lead it
-occasionally you check, with a command in mudclient, how long has it been
since you last protect mounted or fed your mount and act accordingly

Here are my old zMUD triggers/commands I used to handle my mounts. I have
included comments too. They might work as they are, though they have some
non-mount related stuff in them. If you know about triggers and commands in
general, from these you can get some tips and ideas. Backup your settings
before trying these.


If there is something mount related, which causes you problems and which you
can't solve by changing your own behaviour or by improving your triggers, then
you might consider contacting Shinarae about changes to the guild code.

Shinarae usually relents, if you keep repeating your propaganda long enough.


-to be able to sum/heel mount everywhere, even to nosum rooms and areas
-access to all rooms with mount, e.g. guild rooms... => NO rooms where mount
-on/off setting to follow party if mount refuses to move(and leaving mount

(These are from 'news display guilds.squire 97')