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Library: South Crossing Memories


Author: darian
Date:Nov 20 2012

Long ago in a Mud not far away at all, things were just a tiny bit 
different.  Before the land itself was wrent asunder the laws of 
propriety were also different.  Where the modern world is often
flowery, the memory of thorns can still be intoxicating.  This memory is one
such.  While 
I lacked the foresight to log the 
event, I shall try to keep embelishment only where it suits to
make me look better!

In days of old, the act and art of pkilling players was an active 
tradition.  Looking at another player was a viable reason to call 
down hellfire and send them to hell.  In these days I was young 
and had no real business sticking my nose into the pkiller battles.  What I
considered to 
be cautious wisdom was not shared by some who 
were in similar situations.  

One such was the infamous Thematrix.  Now I try not to judge 
someone based on selecting a completely inappropriate and 
uncreative name, however, in this case it wouldn't have been too far off the

What prompted him to start competing as a pkiller I will likely 
never know.  What I do know is that he made a habit of targeting 
those he could compete with, myself included.  Being a stupid 
noob I attempted in several ways to retaliate.  Most of these ways 
were pathetic and of limited success.  Oh wait... I am telling 
the story here, I was amazing, downright epic.  While my pkilling 
was shortlived, the tale I share with you now remains one of my 
fondest in this text based world.

I was in a psionicist reinc, gaining great enjoyment from 
Transmute Self.  I had a statue made of a "A fetus crawling in 
its mothers blood" in which to do dirty worth with some anonymity.  
I have no doubt that Thematrix was aware of my normal transmutation.  
This of course makes the story even better.

After a rousing bit of exp I was idling in Ravensflyte, chatting 
away when something prompted me to seek out Thematrix for some 
special hugging.  There in the center of RSF was a nice random 
table just begging to be transmuted to.  I grew a few wooden legs and headout
out for 

After what I will VERY accurately describe as an EPIC crush upon the 
mind of the Thematrix I went to relax in the shade of the Navigator 
Trees at South Crossing.

When bored as a Psi, sitting at the crossing with Mental Watch active 
was usually good for a bit of a laugh.  I cast transmute at myself 
again to remove my table form and popped up mental watch to relax a bit.
So there I was, relaxing with guild who turned off, and transmute self 
targeting on yourself has the wonderful side effect of not showing any 
guild items.

Thematrix was understandable miffed at being COMPLETELY DEVASTATED AND 
DESTROYED by a mere wooden table.  When recovered from the ordeal he 
came to South Crossing himself.  He began a search for the dastardly 
psi who killed him.  He of course immediately looked at each person at 
SC, myself included.  I can only guess he did not find the complete lack guild
items to 
be suspicious.  

Thematrix then did a gwho psionicist.  He systematicly went down the 
list accusing each psionicist of attacking him unprovoked.  While I very 
sadly could not see thier response, each and every time there was a very 
apologetic Thematrix asking forgiveness for the presumption.  

The failing continued for a long enough that my laughter actually 
threatened to make me fall out of my chair.  This was the last time I 
playerkilled anyone.  While not the most impressive or most challenging 
kill, it was so far above any other kill in it's shear enjoyment.  The 
statue of the fetus still sits in my castle, unused for a decade now.  And
while it 
wasn't even used in this tale, it reminds me every time I 
run by of that day.    

This is the magic of BatMud.  No pictures, no fancy animations.  
Just moments.  Moments that I will remember forever.  Moments that await 
you in your travels.  Moments that you too will share in hopes that they 
inspire others.