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Library: Wrecked


Author: el
Date:Nov 30 2012

I still remember waking up next to that shipwreck. My clothes were torn, and
my flesh badly bruised. Oddly there was no pain, only a weird hunger. I
searched the wreck for survivors, but found none. I did manage to find some
edible looking ham and bread, but those made me feel worse than before.

I started following a narrow path to see where I am, as the coastline didnt
look familiar at all. As I traveled the day got darker and turned into night.
To my great suprize I could easily see through the night. Without thinking it
more, I pressed on.

After a long hike I saw a glowing form in the woods and went to look closer. I
tried to be as stealthy I can be, and apparently didnt manage too well, as the
form stared right at me and asked 'Are you with them? ANSWER ME'

I noticed it was a man and he was not in a good shape. The glow was coming
within him, as if i could see some weird green light inside him. I hastily
replied that I just woke from a shipwreck and dont know who his attackers

He asked me if I could deliver a message to Ramon in Arelium city, that the
nun guild is after them. It sounded bit weird to me, but accepted and learned
a secret hand-sign to show to this Ramon.

As I was preparing to leave we were attacked by a group of people, 9 I think I
managed to count. They were attacking everything, the man, me and even a zebra
that was grazing nearby.

I quickly fled east, not even looking back, but I assume the horde was there
to kill the man who set me on this journey to Arelium. I ran for some time and
found a better road, and after some hiking on it, found a sign pointing to

After reaching the city and trying to find this man I was suprized no-one
seemed to know him.
Few hours after I started asking around he found me and I passed the message
I told Ramon about my situation, and he told the old world was gone, sunk into
the sea. Best wizards had managed to secure major cities from certain
destruction and brought to this realm.

Ramon also offered me a place in the secret organization known as the tigers
guild after he told me of my condition. I had become an undead known as a
lich. My only solace would be to gather those green glows, souls inside living

Now after many years of training I have grown strong. I know the secrets of
'Dim Mak', a technique that kills many lifeforms by applying a harmful amount
of pressure to a vital organ. I even joined another organization, the cult of
reavers. They taught me how to utter words that can destroy opponents
weapons,armours,will to live and many other skills.

While the other cultists seem to be hellbent on destruction, I mainly use
these new powers to feed myself. And ofcourse to honor my first contact in
this realm, I have taken a special interest in nuns, as they seem to be so
evil they want all undead gone, I have secured a special place in my skull for
their souls. For eternity.