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Library: How Harry The Newbie Hobbit Got His First Mithril


Author: faisel
Date:Jan 7 2013

This story, as so many of them, starts in a quiet corner of a quiet bar. Harry
the newbie hobbit was alone drinking his miseries away. It was not uncommon
for Harry to be in this position since he didn't have a complicated life. He
didn't have a lot of anything, except time which he usually had too much. One
of the things he didn't have was money. He could afford the beer with money he
had made earlier by roaming the city, picking up and selling trash. It was
enough for the beer but by the end of the night his pockets would be empty

Harry was finishing his 27th beer for the day when he saw something green in
the bottom of his glass. Just about to raise his voice and demand a free beer
to compensate this molded one, he lowered the glass and noticed a tiny
leprechaun in a green suit standing on the table right in front of him. The
leprechaun was obviously startled by something. He was shaking, looking back
and forth at Harry and the bar door. Before Harry managed to move a muscle,
the leprechaun spoke: "Hide me!"

The leprechaun was holding a belt tightly in his hands. The belt didn't look
like a belt any leprechaun would wear. It was black, made of leather and had
steel spikes. It was quite a beautiful belt, obviously of elven origin, but
enormous in size - way too large for the leprechaun to wear. Harry, still
frozenly staring forward and holding his beer glass two inches above the
table, was again too slow. The leprechaun jumped down the table and crawled
under Harry's chair. Everything had happened so quickly for Harry in his
drunken state of mind, that it took one full minute for him to decide that
what he had seen was indeed some strange hallucination. "Miss," he shouted,
"one more beer, please!"

At that instant a loud "SLAM" was heard from the bar entrance as someone
kicked in the door. A huge orc walked in, one of the largest you've ever seen.
Wearing a white breastplate and wielding a rose-shaped mace, the orc stood at
the entrance, everyone in the bar looking at him and he looking at everyone.
He was obviously trying to find something - or someone. The orc started to
walk around the bar, staring at every customer he was passing. It didn't take
long for the orc to walk towards Harry, and it took far too long for Harry to
figure out he was maybe sitting on the wrong chair.

The orc walked closer and closer until he was leaning on Harry's table staring
Harry in the eyes and Harry staring back. Having troubles forming sensible
sentences Harry asked "Did I really see that leprechaun?" Orc's eyes flashed
and he grunted "Where did it go?" to which Harry replied "Not under my chair."
The orc quickly took two steps to get around the table and in that instant the
leprechaun ran the other way around the table shouting "Damn-damn-damn-damn!".
The leprechaun was still holding the black belt, but he had something else in
his other hand. The leprechaun looked at the orc, looked at Harry and then
turned his eyes at the ceiling. With a fast flick of fingers he flipped a coin
in the air. Both Harry and the orc glanced the coin, and when their eyes went
back to the leprechaun, he was gone. The coin dropped to the floor.

As suddenly as he had entered, the huge orc stormed out of the bar. A short
moment afterwards the noises in the bar had settled back to normal as if
nothing had happened. Harry had his eyes on the coin. With a few steps he was
at it, he bowed down and picked it up in his fingers and looked at it. It was
a mithril coin, the first Harry had ever seen. "Screw them leprechauns. Who
needs them anyway?" Harry mumbled, continuing to shout "Miss, ten more beers!"