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Library: Journey, searching evil.


Author: deathgazer
Date:Jan 26 2013

So began another day of evil finding.
This young Valar. Ainur, as creator Eru Ilúvatar calls his holy creations, is
riding through lands of middle-earth. Sent on his mission by his pure hatred
for evil.

He arrives in town populated by humans. Something is not right, it's so quiet
it in here. There's no joy of children. Doors and windows are closed.

Suddently nearby door smashes open with a huge blow and human, clearly scared
woman runs towards Valar - "Traveller! Help us! There's evil in our town!"

Valar turns at human with firm look on his face and says in loud voice: "Evil!
So this is where my fate has been leading me!" Then bit surprised of his own
reaction, he coughs and lowers his tone: "What have happened here? Where is

Woman sobs, and with tears falling down on her cheek says: "My... my name is
Marya. Our children in this town have been disappearing lately. This morning
my little girl went to graveyard... to water some flowers. But she never came
back! She was supposed to be back before dinner! Can you help and find her?
She's wearing green dress! Someone... something have been kidnapping our

Valar silently nods his head to woman and moves to graveyard.

"Tracks..." - Valar thinks in his mind. "Tracks of small human... leading to
water barrel near crypt, darkened by shadows" Following tracks and moving
towards crypt, Valar notices small piece of green cloth next to crypt and some
messy tracks leading inside. It was matter of course, girl was indeed taken
inside crypt.

With no fear, Valar entered shaded crypt and stench of evil truly was present.
Valar noticed that one statue in crypt wasn't like others. There was no dust
on statue's left arm and there was some tracks on floor as well. He touched
statue and pushed hard - Hand of statue turned around and wall next to statue
crumbled down with loud noise. Secret door was opened!

Valar charged in and notices altar, surrounded by candles deep inside crypt.
There was some shaded human-like person with hood next to altar, doing weird
and disgusting ritual.

"Blood! By the father of all, evil!" Suddently everything was clear. Small
body of young girl wearing green dress, was set on altar and cut wide open.
Entrails and different parts of body were placed inside several glass jars in
shelves at wall.

Blinded by rage, protecting himself with shield when pushing forward valar
charged at shaded person. Hooded person turns around, with red glow in it's
eyes and let's out loud shriek. It's pure form of evil, demon! Battle has

Battle was long and fierce, but finally Valar pushed down this evil creature
with shield, looked deep into creature's eyes and stabbed blade through it's
heart. When red glow in creature's eyes turned to gray, Valar knew it... evil
was slain, but his journey was just about beginning to start.

And so it began, journey of Deathgazer the Valar.