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Library: Path to Enlightenment


Author: pils
Date:Jan 27 2013

A terrible headache and pain had taken control the mind of this puny creature.
Yet he was unaware what was happening around him. Something evil and dark
surrounded him where ever he went.

As days passed his pain and agony took more and more control of his life.
He was confused...and wondered 'Is this the life I am supposed to live' ?.

One day in the streets of Arelium he saw a Valar shining like a sun.
My mind said 'go away from this awful creature', but I desided
to take a closer look of this beautiful creature.

As I moved closer to him pain in my head got stronger and I felt my feet were
made of lead.
My mind went blank and I passed away... And when I woke up this Valar stand
before me and I asked him 'what happened ?'.
He replied 'Darkness in your mind have taken control over you'.

From that moment I realized that there's something wrong. I was confused and
my body was shaking.
I felt terrified and rushed back home as fast I could.

The following days went by sleeping like I had never slept before.
And when I was awake I cried like I had never cried before.
I felt something in my body was changing.

Days went by and I desided to go to forest.
In my childhood the beauty of nature had given me joy and happiness and I
thought 'maybe I can find my truth there'.

As I walked in the forest I saw this same Valar I met in Arelium weeks ago.
I approached him carefully, but I didn't feel pain anymore in my head.
A glimse of joy felt in my heart. And when I was about to ask..

Valar replied 'You can only find the truth when you find yourself'.