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Library: a short and sad story.


Author: hipander
Date:Feb 24 2013

i wake up as i am walking down the street.
the world is grey and dark, without colour,
silence hangs in the air like some ancient velvet,
slowly decaying.
i do not recognice a single building, the streetname
doesnt tell me anything.
how did i get here?

i glance across my shoulder when i get a feeling of someone
behind me, but the figure vanishes before i can
get a good look, like a shadow, a silent companion.
there is a garbagebin in a corner, with some regularlooking posters
and flyers, but there is something amiss, sudden wrongness ovewhelms me.
i start to read a piece of poem someone has written:

"alone here i came and alone must i
take flight, into night, so cold
without delight..."

the rest is torn away.
i stare at the irregular note for a while,
what can this be, for whom is it meant?
without answer i continue down the street.

at the end of the street i come to a crossroads,
overlooked by a building. it is surrounded by a wrougth iron fence,
now decayed and and rusted. a lonely granite lion guards the gate,
as the clouds roll over the mansion,
with a distant look in its stony eyes.
withered flowers and bushes edge the pathway wich leads behind
the house, disappearing into the horizon.

i push the gate and it gives in with a wail,
flakes of rust and dirt cascading off it, like it had been
unmoved for eternities on. i shriek at the sound but everything
looks undisturbed, peaceful, sombriety flowing out
from the gardens.
i follow the path for a few yards and some catches
me in the corner of my eye, a spot of colour further
away in the garden.
a single green and yellow tall flower grows there,
on a small patch of grass, companied by a small iron bench.
the first time i notice a woman sitting on the bench by the flower,
staring at it.
she is very pale and dressed in black gown and dark red evening-gloves,
her hair tangled and fuzzy, and black.

as i look at her, the flower starts to wither under her
stare and green slowly dies, grass turning to brown
and finally gray. she stands up and starts towards the houses
front door, not very far away. i follow her to the front steps
and there she turns around and gives me a somehow sad but hopeful
smile and gestures to come inside, as she turns and and vanishes
into the dark passage.

i start to follow her but on the doorstep i get a strange feeling,
coldness touching me from the inside of the house, softly,
like an old friend who has been awaiting me for aeons.
i step though the door.

i wake in my bed.
staring at the ceiling without a single though.
i remember every detail of my dream so clearly now, like crystal.
it felt so real as i never have clear dreams, not before this.
i know i will have to search for that place and that woman
from this old world, even if it must take a lifetime,
to the end.

-hippana, in vihti of finland. anno 2012-