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Library: Dominia Tales2


Author: Grifter
Date:Nov 2 1995

[Note: For you english buffs, you will notice this is written from the 1st
person instead of 3rd person. Sorry, but it's a bad habit I have had ever
since 5th Grade..Just deal with it.}
[note: This was written in VI.  It's sad when I actually chose to use Vi. 
Means I've spent way too much time learning it.]

[From:  The Rise of the Archdruid Grifter, Dominia Tales Vol. I]

        There it was..the capital city of Benalia.  I could just barely make
the rising walls as the sun began to set. I never would of come to this place
if Serra hadn't suggested it.  So what if the famed Circle of Knowledge
was looking for scouts.  I hate Benalia. These people give anal retentiveness
a whole new meaning. Oh well...but Serra finally convinced me..after all,
having spells given to you is a hell of a lot easier than beating another 
wizard for them.
        It was well into night when I got to the gates, and the guards weren't
too happy to be woken up to let me in.  But a few coins for wine soon eased 
their complaints, and I entered the city.
        I should of had a clue from how easily the guards let me in.  As
I said, Benalia is the center of anality.  It was Labas'bre..the time when
the caste system changes...
        And it seems the guards and a few of their friends had just been 
raised from peasant scum and were ready to line their pockets with a few 
more coins.
        My first clue was the club to the head, my second, heavy booted feet 
in my ribs.
        I lay gasping, trying to gather my energies, trying to focus..the
idiots, so proud of themselves, were watching me lay there, bragging how they
were going to split the gold...who knows, maybe next life time they can figure
it out.
        My hand slipped to the emerald pendant I had under my shirt...grasping
it I tried to focus on mana..trying to summon something to beat the snot out 
of these punks.
        *POOF* *POOF* *THUD* *THUD*
Great. Pixies and sprites..they would have to do..
"Shit! It's a mage!", one screamed as he saw my creatures.
        The pixies and sprites surrouned me, protecting me from harm as 
I slowly gathered energy....first things first, I needed to deal with the 
cracked ribs..I pulled out a handful of potent healing water from the air, and

drank of it from my cupped hands.  As it's energy filled me I noticed that 
the klutz squad had tried to break past my was evident from the
gashes many of them wore..
        "Guys..I could let you escape...but I'm a sporting man..So instead 
we'll play a game...It's called tag. If grizz tags you..he gets to eat you.
Everyone understand the rules? Oh bother..Let me get Grizz."
*Poof* *THUD*
        Grizz, 600 pounds of awesome bear, did nothing to reassure them
as he appeared.
        Last I heard, they were still running long after I had sent Grizz back
to his home..
        Sighing, I brushed off my clothes, and stood up, making my way
to the tower in the center of the city..home of the Circle of Knowledge and
with any luck, a job for me.

                Grifter TurboNewbie (Retired)