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Library: El Reino


Author: heinz
Date:Apr 9 2013

Group of children sit around an old human bard as he starts the tale.
Bard says: This is a tale about old El Reino the famous Crimson Brigade human
El Reino was a respected Captain and well known about his strategy skills in
battle, he was also known as great fan of old Crimson Brigade battle hymns and
he loved to hum those time to time by himself.
El Reino's bad side was that he liked booze too much. When years went by booze
was there beside him more and more often until he was in such a bad shape that
he had to retire and leave Crimson Brigade.
When El Reino got his last paycheck he realized that all his money had gone to
booze and all he had left is some clothes and few eqs.
But regardless of the age of El Reino, he had something that he hadn't
experienced truly the mystery of woman.
So El Reino sold last of his eqs and rushed in the nearest house of pleasure,
but when he reached the door a big bold ogre stopped him.
Fact is that only 20 gold piece in pocket you are doomed to be lonely, and El
Reino realized that. As he turned and started to limp back to market square he
heared a silent whisper.
There was a dark alley near by and El Reino heared a voice that called his
name. As he came nearer the alley he noticed a small figure wrapped in a long
black robe.
Small hobbit whispered: so if you want to explore the pleasures of female I
think I can help you.
Hobbit took El Reino to the alley and pointed to him a small red door.
Hobbit said: this one is free for you, consider it as a reward from Shadowkeep
for all those glory years you gave to your home and main city of batmud.
Hobbit continues: but remember you can choose only one door and you can't go
back after you begin your journey through the door. Shadowkeep thanks you, you
old brave soldier.
And suddenly the hobbit was gone, but El Reino hardly noticed that. The only
thing in his mind was images of pleasure.
El Reino was slightly nervous when he grabbed the door and opened it. He
stepped in a small corridor in which there were two doors.
Straight ahead was another red door with a sign that said "continue", and on
the right side there was a blue door with a larger sign on it.
Blue door sign said: old troll female -> I give you pleasure with my mouth - I
still have a few teeth left.
El Reino shivered as he decided to take the red door and continue.
The next corridor was quite the same looking as the previous one, red door at
end of corridor with a sign "continue", and a blue door.
Blue door sign said: two hobbit females give you good times with their hairy
El Reino thought a moment but decided he never liked M. Jackson, and continued
throught the red door.
The third corridor was again identical with the two previous ones with red and
blue doors.
This time the blue door sign said: three female humans will dance to and you
will get their full attention all night long.
El Reino started to think: this sounds quite good, I might consider this one.
But at the same time he wondered what was behind that red door if this one is
so promising already.
El Reino decided to take the red door even when he hesitated a bit.
Fourth corridor looked the same as previous ones with red and blue doors.
This time the blue door said: Four beautiful elf females take you to bath and
give you a long and relaxing massage. And after that you may do everything you
have ever dreamed of with these four lovely maids.
El Reino started drooling and almost opened the blue door when a nasty feeling
went throught his mind: If this was so great and perfect then what jackpot
waited behind that red door.
He stopped for a moment and struggled with himself. After a hard consideration
greed got over lust and El Reino decided to take the red door.
With a wide smile on his face El Reino rushed throught the red door and
arrived in a dark and filthy alley. He heared that the red door closed and
locked behind him.
El Reino fell down on his knees and started to scream and cry, as he relized
that this night he would only get pleasure by his own hands.

Bard says: lesson of this story was if you are a loser and a pitiful drunk
don't be picky if someone wants to help you.
Nowdays if you hear moaning in the dark alley it might be the old wanker El
Reino, so beware.
Bard closes his book and stands up, he waves slowly and starts limping back to
his home. If you listen carefully, you can hear that he hums quietly some old
Crimson Brigade battle hymn...