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Author: ssorca
Date:Jul 8 2013

It was year 1996. when my friend was playing some weird game at the Computer
room at Univeristy. I asked him what is that, since all i saw he doing was
some typing. He explained me (well, lets say that way) that is game in which
you play by typing commands, and there are no images, just plain text. Weirdo,
I thought, and in next few days I was making funny of him. Luckily, he wasn't
paying attention to that, so soon i gave up. After month or two, I saw him
still playing that 'game'. I decided to give it a try. I created character
named Ssorca since that was nickname i used to have on chat. Now i can't
remember what race or class I did choose, but I know that in few days I was so
in game that wasn't even going to some classess I needed to.

Few months has passed and I was playing that mud every day. It was new kind of
game in my life, and I did like it. It was very different to other games i did
played, yet so similar. All of them was kind of RPG's so playing mud was easy.
Also it was much more interesting, since textual games can provide more
variety in itself.

Of course, with knowlegde I had after few months playing, I decided to try out
some other muds. Many of them were very interesting, altough was some that
couldn't keep me for few minutes. But, main problem with MUD games were
players. Seems that they weren't into it like i was. So, every week or so,
there were less and less players online. At some point, but 3 or 4 years from
my first day of palying, i realise that in any MUD i was playing, i was mostly
soloing since all friends i made were gone from game. Slowly, my interest for
mudding was decreasing. It was decreasing to the point in which i didn't log
at all. So, i just stop playing any mud. 

After few years of playing other games (mostly not online ones), i remembered
how much i enjoyed plying muds. So, I decided to search again for some quality
mud which don't lack online players. I was very surprised that muds are still
up and online and can be played after all. It was time of so quality graphic
games, so one would ask self why he would play text-only game. But, i found
out that are muds were popular again. At least, there were always between 50
and 100 players online. Now, i just needed to find mud I like. It wasn't easy

But after few months I stumbled upon a game called BatMud. First thing what I
did like was own client. I downloaded it and created character, now
traditionally named Ssorca. It was february 26th 2008. By that time, my
favourite class was mage, so I took Elf mage. Pleasantville was of course
first area to be well explored. First weeks in BATworld i constantly read and
read about game and commands. It was very intersting to see game that exists
more than 15 years and with members who are from the beginning itself. Anyway,
I finally found a game that is alive and it's well coded. My days as Elf mage
were very fun. Magic missile was first spell (as always) i learned. What i
most like and what still keeps me with this game is reincarnation. A
possibility to try all classes and races gives this mud real advantage. Of
course, for me it was all new, exploring areas, making experience, making
money etc. So, my first reinc lasted for 5 months and 20m experience gained.
Meanwhile, I saw something that was really new for me and my mudding
experience. It was merchant class. A player who can build chests, can mine,
can make valuable gems, can be support to other players on it's own unique
way... That was revealing! Altough frienldy players told me that 20m is not
enough for making good merchant, i just couldn't wait for more experience. I
decided to give it a try. And that was when my merchant era started. With only
20m i reinced to Human merchant and stayed there for next 80 days. Made myself
lot of chests, made lot money, bought some equipment. After that, it was time
to make more experience so i can build better merchant. Dwarf barbarian ranger
seemed proper one reincarnation. New 27m exp in 48 days seemed pretty ok for
me. So, back to merchant. But this time, i decided to make some weird
combination. I took Elf and combo of merchant and civmage. It was idea to do
what i like (being merchant) and also make more exp. New 45 days did bring to
me more fun and more money. After that, back to basics. Elf mage again. More
exp cam
e, some eq parties, which was new for me. But, at that point, i wanted to try
some other classes. It was more than one year since i first log on and I was
just mage or merchant (not counting one ranger reinc). So, new reinc has come.
Centaur tzarakk for 30 days and new 13m. Kobold knight civmage was next one,
it lasted 30 days and 18m. After 100 days away from merchant, i just needed to
reninc back. I became like some addict to it. New 30 days and new reinc after
that. Cromagnon beastmaster ranger was maybe my best reinc ever. I was making
over 1,3m every day. For quite short time i had 150m total experience. And
must say, I was tempted to do rebirth. Luckily I didn't do it. Instead, with
that exp I had, I made, for the first time, full merchant alchemist with bard
levels. That was last for 90 days - most I ever was in one reinc. It was my
new record. Also, I finished merchant belt quest, made a lot of rings, made
lot potions, arrows and regaents for my possible future reincarnations. Tiger
was my next reinc. First time ever, and from this point (5 years later), also
last time. But, new 40m in only 36 days. Why i did reinc out, i don't really
know. I made full barbarian, but it last for only 10 days. Somehow, i was
bored. So, in cases like that - back to merchant. New 30 days just to relax
myself. Like real addict. After that, tzarakk then mage again, and after that
tarmalen/druid for first time ever. Of course, merchant again after that. At
that point, I found myself at 3rd place on merchant TOP plaque. Sprite was
first , cant remember who was 2nd. BUt, I was on 3rd place. I was really proud
at myself. It was really a great success. FOr the first time ever i managed to
get rank. It was 'artisan'. Maybe small success, but for me it was like a
bingo. All hard work finally started to pay off. I realised that my favourite
reinc was merchant alchemist bard. It wasn't an exp making reinc, but ti was
giving lot of fun work. Bard quests can be sometimes frustrating, but I never
felt that way. Casting spells, in that cas
e - singing songs is very fun. Interacting with other players that way also. 

Anyway, after few more different reincarnations (with one more merchant
between them), I started to think about rebirthing. It was new idea, new way
to start from beginning, but this time with knowledge of game itself and with
lot of good equipment. As everyone, I was kinda affraid how that might looks.
Will I get bored as newbie? I did know that I can't go back. I heard that some
players managed to get debirth with some loss of exp, but I wanted to be sure
with myself that I wont go back. And that day came. It was january 8th 2011.
Almost three years I needed to get myself to ancient. All was new - again!
Doing quests again was interesting as well as exploring well known areas.
First 10m was made just in 2 days, but next 20m in 40 days. Anyway, reinc was
coming after reinc, exp was made every day. But, most important - I still have
that mad desire to play mud like I had it 17 years ago. And I hope I will
still have that feeling in next 17 years...
truly yours, Ssorca beep