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Library: The Colours in Our Shadows


Author: kknd
Date:Aug 3 2013

No one understands why poor old Blair has been acting so strange over
the years.

To be precise, no one understands Blair's stated reasons for her
deliberate strange actions over the years.

No one except me, of course. Maybe she?s feeling not wanted by
others, now, she?s no more but a paranoid, living alone in her ?
house. She calls it a house. I call it a jungle.

Once you see it you?d know I?d make a good writer, because I?m so good
at describing things. But this happens only when you actually see the
house. Yet I do doubt that.

People in Greentown are very used to spotting houses hidden in trees. This
is because there are trees everywhere in the town and you couldn?t
possibly find your home if you do not practise such a skill. Yet even
the dude with the finest skill in our town fails to spot Blair?s house.

Her house was covered in trees, shrubs, climbers, flowers, and all
sorts of plants you can think of. You can never see the gates, the
walls, the front door, the back door and the windows, as they are
perfectly covered by patches of messy greeneries.

?How on earth can trees grow on such a small land?? you ask. Good
question. Ha. Blair planted the greens all by herself. Surprised? I
said she was insane. And this is not the craziest part. I can swear to
God Almighty that I once saw her talking to the cactuses in her

You might think I dislike her. And that?s when you get the wrong idea.
She?s actually an old friend of mine. And fifty years ago was the day
when we first met. That?s the day when I asked her to be my
girlfriend. No stares, please. Everybody did the same in the old days.
Okay, back to the present. As an old friend of hers I usually visit her
once a week. Often on Sundays. Every time I paid her a visit, she asked
the same question.

?Do you remember well the day when all things in our lives started to

?Yes? was always my answer.

Everything started on the day when I first met Blair, when she agreed
to be my girlfriend.We spent the day enjoying ourselves with mud and
dung. We ran into neighbouring pig trenches and stained ourselves
brown. And then we collected cow dung to give Joe and Ben a nice hit.
These were typical hang-outs enjoyed by pairs in the old days. Mind
you, that ?pairs? referred not only to couples, but friends as well.

As a matter of fact, I couldn?t see any differences between a pair of
couples and a pair of friends back in those days. The reasons for us to
keep girlfriends and boyfriends were only about showing off to others,
which helped you fit into the kids.

To fit in you?d also have to be aware of another thing.

In the old days kids did not worry about their future. Seriously, if
you dared to think about your future you?d become the next Joe or Ben.

Anyway, kids at that time enjoyed every single day. They did not worry
over stuffs. To speak the truth, they did not even use their brains.
Curiously, we were proud to be one of those kids.