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Library: Duck and Valar


Author: angry
Date:Feb 24 2014

How Ducks Gained Their Wit

Now Mortals you shall here of a time before Man. Yes, it was even before the
Dwarf race had been awakened in their glorious mountains. It was a time when
the world was freshly formed and only the Elves, the Valar, and the Maiar
strode upon the lands. In this time many advancements in skill and magic were
devised by these great races; one of the most sublime works of their arts was
in nature. The elegant duck was to be improved upon by Aulë.
It came to be in this time that Aulë devised many glorious works of skill and
magic. In time he would be the one to craft the Silmarillion, but for now he
practiced his talents on more mundane creations. With his powers he wove veins
of minerals from he earth, and he braided  the knowledge of art and
contemplation into the songs of the Elves. Here was a being for which talent
was a treasure, and he wanted it to flourish in the fresh young world.
Sometimes Aulë would go strolling and see what skills he could enrich in the
world. When he witnessed the ignorant multitude of the ants he called them
close. ?Listen to me throng of the Earth. You must cease this scrambling about
the great forest and dwell within castles of the land.? 
With the ants of the world watching,  Aulë transformed himself into an ant,
and proceeded to build them the greatest underground realm to exist at this
time. With the orcs and dwarves still unheard of in this land, only the blind
mole would contend for this realm.  Aulë imparted the knowledge of aphid
ranching and complex quantum-physics upon the ants. They even had a great ant
physicist by the name of click'whirr'click'bzz. He won many wars and advanced
his people's hold upon the land, but that tale occurs during the dominion of
man. It shall be saved for another day.
Strolling through the land,  Aulë found endless delight in teaching skill and
talent to the beasts. To the fat-tailed beaver he taught construction and
crochet. The spider he taught weaving and fashion. Unfortunately most of the
spiders favourite colours are in a different spectrum than the Elf eye can
see, so much beauty has been lost to the world. Then to the squirrel he taught
a complex rationing system and scrabble. He saved many a squirrel from
insanity during long winters.
Then one day, upon his stroll,  Aulë did see a goofy duck in a pond. He'd just
been chatting with the Elves about how the land wasn't light enough for
anybody to see. This being before the Silmarils would light the lands. In the
pond he found a duck bumping into logs and rocks and turtles. With the sky so
dark, and no infravision, this poor creature was stumbling around blind. It
would gobble at things randomly, more often than not getting a mouthful of
sand.  Aulë was moved to pity for this poor bird. 
As of yet, the world was too dark for this poor beast. So  Aulë looked into
his heart and realized what was lacking. He called out to the waters. He sang
to them of this bird which combined the air and the sea. He sang of the the
elegant duck, happy in its little pond. And upon the second verse Ulmo joined
the refrain. Ulmo sang of the birds good sense and its strong plumage. Ulmo
sang of the wit of migration and the light of the intellect.
As the song faded in the air, the duck shook it's feathers and looked about
the pond. He looked at Aulë and Ulmo, nodded his head and spoke 'demoni on
pomoni'. Thus, two of the greatest Valar acted to give the lowly duck the
spark of wit. There are many tales of great ducks during the wars with Melkor.
Many were slain, and the tales are sung by Elves to this very day.