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Library: I Cannot Remember


Author: fuser
Date:May 13 2014

"Good morning."

"Good morning?"

This statement invites so many unanswered questions. For instance, who is this
strange woman in my bed and how much did I have to drink tonight that I cannot
remember any of the events from last night. No hangover though, so it must be
my lucky day.

"Did you sleep alright last night?"

"It seems like it."

As the world started to become less groggy I noticed that luckily last night I
made it home and into my own bed. This is a positive since it would have been
an awkward situation to wake up in a strange place, with a strange person
without any recollection of the previous night. Waking up has always been such
a task, I love how comfortable my bed has always been and the sound of my
alarm clock has always been so disheartening. But today had an unfamiliar feel
to it, I couldn't tell you the day of the week or what I even did yesterday.

"What would you like for breakfast?"

Unfamiliar is becoming an understatement at this point, I think I can handle
making myself breakfast in my own house.

"I'll just have the Frosted Flakes I left in the closet."

"Unfortunately those are all gone."

Well that is an unforeseen turn of events, a random woman is parading around
my house like she owns the place and has devoured all of my frosted flakes.

?I'll wait until a little later.?

She is quite a beautiful girl, must have been either some good vodka or smooth
lines. I'll know sooner than later which was the result of this good fortune.
All smiles this morning too, must have been a good night.

?Did you have a good night last night??

?Of course sweetie, I thought we had a great time.?

Well at least we had a great time, or at least she had a great time.

?I'm going to go grab a shower, you can join if you would like.?

?I think I'll go for a walk.?

Now I'm really confused, a girl I barely know is now showering in my house and
I still haven't gotten to the bottom of the Frosted Flake conundrum. Walk
sounds good, but I don't remember it being this cold yesterday. Winter creeps
up so fast and it seems like every winter is more bitter than the last. I've
always loved to walk around town, the suburbs are so calming and even though
it is cold winter has a very peaceful feel to it. I'll just walk a few blocks
to clear my head and then try to remember some of this ?great time? I had

Broadway and 3rd. How did I get lost walking a few blocks from my house? Let's
just turn around and walk backwards that ought to do the trick. Ah, my car,
I've owned that little Honda Accord for so long now. I bought it from an old
friend and said I would get rid of it as soon as I got a decent job and here
it sits.

?Good morning Tim. I saw you walking past and figured I would come out the see
how you had been. It has been a while.?

?Hanging in there. Just out on a morning walk.?

?Miss the old Accord? Tanya really appreciates you selling it to her when you
got the Prius.?

?Yeah, it was no problem.?

Well today couldn't get anymore confusing. But at least I've got a landmark to
find my way back home. Prius. Prius? Last night must have been a night to
remember because I definitely don't remember buying a Prius. Home sweet home,
with a Prius.

Let's investigate if our little intruder is still around, I hear her getting
dressed in the bedroom so I am going to assume either that is a yes or I am
getting robbed. Either way I'm unhappy. When she comes out I'll ask her if she
needs a ride somewhere, maybe that will get the ball rolling on getting her
out of here.

?Would you pour me a cup of coffee??

?How do you take your coffee??

"Stop messing around Timmy."

"I'm sorry. I'm having a really weird day, can you help me out a little?"

"Black with sugar. Duh."

"I'm sorry, but how would I ever guess that?"

"Are you losing it today Tim? You make my coffee for me everyday."

I do? Since when did I become someones person assistant. That is probably why
I ended up getting a Prius instead of a Jag.

?I guess I must be. I have no idea what happened last night, I woke up feeling

?Alright, well tell me what you know.?

As I went through all the things I knew, I realized there were large gaps. I
started stories and then ended them abruptly. But as I ended, she finished
them all.

?Timmy do you know who I am??

?Not a clue in the world.?

As we drove through town I looked up at the sky and it began to snow. I wonder
if we could go sledding or Christmas shopping. I wondered if we were going on
vacation, to anywhere warmer than here. I'll always miss my house, my car, the
life I once had.

?Tim, I love you and I'll see you tomorrow.?

With tears in her eyes she walked away. She left me a photo album, almost a
dying art form. As I looked through it I saw pictures of her and I, hundreds
if not thousands of them.

?Doctor, who was that??

?It was your wife Tim. It was your wife.?