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Library: dont ask


Author: Utena
Date:Jan 5 1999

Don't ask me what this is.  If you don't know, then you don't know.

Note:  Not quite sure, but here it is anyways.

15:  Miyuu - Tooru?  What are (you doing here)?

16:  Miyuu (1,2,3) - (cotemplating), Miyuu (4,5) - Noel?  Aren't you... Noel?,
Noel (6,7) - ..., umm (eep!).

17:  Miyuu (3) - (this), Miyuu (4) - KYAAAaaa!

19:  Noel (1) - Sorry... Sorry, Noel (2,3,4) - Trying to explain, Noel (5) -
It says it all here, in the first manga!, Noel (thinking) - Ah shit...

20:  Miyuu (1) - (disbelief), (2, ...) - (lecturing him)

21:  Miyuu - You LIED to me, Noel!

22:  Noel (1) - Forgive Me!  [note:  his bowing down in front her is socially
significant], Noel tries to explain more, but Miyuu walks off, and threatens 
to tell others about him.

23:  Noel begs.

24:  Notice the blushing, they both blush as they argue.

25:  "I hate you most of all!"

26:  After barging in, Miyuu demands to know why Maria didn't tell her about
her brother Noel, and demands that Maria go and fetch her brother.  Kanako is
a bit suprised, she didn't know about Noel either.  She also wants to know why
Maria kept the secret from her.  Maria appoligizes to Kanako.

27:  Maria (1,2) - Sorry... Miyuu.  Kanako (4) - Noel's in really big trouble
(now).  Maria trys to comfort Noel, but he's a total crying wreck.

28:  (Hearing Miyuu's voice) Liar!  I hate you, most of all!