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Library: Batmud Christmas Carol


Author: shedevil
Date:Feb 13 2015

Once upon a time, on a continent far far away... Well alright, not that far
since it was actually on continent of Laenor, which is kind of middle of
everything. Anyway, there was a huge tree, near City of Arelium. Tree had lot
of strong branches, easy to climb, and at top of the tree, there was an orc
scout clubhouse. Except it wasn't orcs clubhouse anymore. Now it belongs to a
human bully Nelson, and his followers, who have captured all the orcs and
taken over their lair. 

It is Christmas time in batmud, and every Christmas Santa Claus comes to
Arelium and gives presents to all the good little newbies and big highbies.
Nelson hates Christmas and he haven?t celebrated it in years. Of course since
he is a bully, Santa wouldn't give him presents anyway. He and his followers
just stay in their tree holding the orcs as prisoners. Nelson used to live in
newbie playground, with his friends Marcus Highberry and Arnold
Swartzenhighbie. In newbie playground they celebrated Christmas every year,
opened their presents together and ate a huge Christmas feast. Marcus and
Arnold always invite Nelson to come and spend Christmas with them, but he
thinks it's just humbug and never goes, guess it would be bit embarrassing to
go without a present too. 

It is night before Christmas eve, and Nelson is sleeping in his tree house.
Suddenly he wakes up to a weird noise. He sits up in his bed and hears some
rattling of chains. Treehouse door opens and a ghostly form appears. "Hello
Nelson", ghost says, and rattles his chains at him. "Wha...?", says Nelson and
tries to hide under his blanket. "I have come to warn you Nelson", ghost says.
"Warn me? About what?! I don't need any warnings, I got things perfectly in
control here", Nelson states. "Tonight you will be visited by three ghosts,
listen to what they have to say to you, or you will regret it!", ghost says,
and floats away. "Bah, must have been those mushrooms in soup", Nelson says,
and goes back to sleep. 

Suddenly lights come on. "What is it now! I am trying to sleep here!" Nelson
shouts. "You need to wake up, I need to show you something", someone says.
"Who are you?", Nelson asks, and stares at a grey figure standing in middle of
the room. "I am the ghost of past Christmases, I have come to remind you why
you hate Christmas so much", ghost says. "Now get up and come with me, or do I
have to drag you with me?". "Alright alright, as long as it doesn?t take
long", says Nelson, gets up and together they descend from tree. "Where are we
going?", Nelson asks. Not too far, we are going to Newbie Playground where you
grew up. They enter the playground and climb over gate, and move to stand
behind a tree near sandbox. 

"Look, there", ghost says. Nelson peers around the tree and sees himself and
his best friends sitting at sandbox, ready to open their presents. "But what
is this, this happened years ago!", Nelson exclaims. "Yes it did, do you
remember what happened?", ghost asks. "Yes, I wanted to get a white wizard hat
so much, I had always wanted one", Nelson says. "Let?s see what happened
then", ghost says, and together they watch how children open their presents.
From Arnolds present falls a pair of green boots. "Whoa, those will be great
for your spr set!", young Nelson says, and opens his present. From the present
falls a red Christmas hat with a jingle bell. "What is this?! I wanted a
wizard hat, not a Christmas hat, open yours Marcus lets see what?s in it."
Nelson says. Marcus opens his present and reveals a white wizard hat, exactly
same as one that Sera has. "No, this is not fair! You don?t even need one
cause you?re a barbarian, I wanted that hat! I hate Christmas!", young Nelson
shouts and storms out from the playground. 

"That is why you started to hate Christmas, wasn't it?", ghost asks from
present day Nelson behind the tree. "Yes, after that I left playground and
gathered my troops and we went to live in orc scout tree", Nelson says. "But
if you would have stayed at Newbie Playground you could have gotten another
present from Santa next year", ghost says. "Maybe you would have gotten a hat
from that then". "I guess so, but it is just so stupid that some of the
presents are so useless, whole Christmas is just humbug!", Nelson exclaims.
"If you say so", says ghost. "Time for you to return to your bed to wait for
your next visitor", he says and snaps his ghostly fingers, and Nelson finds
himself back in his bed in the tree house. "This is starting to be very weird
night", Nelson thinks and tries to go back to sleep. 

Just when Nelson is about to fall sleep, someone taps his shoulder. "No point
sleeping now, we got somewhere to go to!", a new ghost tells him. "What,
another ghost? What do you want from me, last one was all humbug!", grumbles
sleepy Nelson. "I am ghost of present Christmas and I'm going to show you
something, get up, we got bit of a travel ahead of us", ghost says and pulls
Nelson up. "Where are we going now?", Nelson asks. "You will soon see" ghost
says and sets up a quick pace through forest. After what felt like hours of
walking, ghost finally stops. "Here we are now!", he says happily. "But, isn't
this misty forest?", Nelson asks. "We cant go in there, that place is
dangerous! It is full of orcs and its so complex you always get lost in there
and never find your way out!", Nelson says. "Don't worry, we won't go too far
in", says ghost and they enter the area. Just after short walk they end up
standing outside a small simple house. "Let's go take a peek through window",
says ghost and urges Nelson forward. Through window Nelson sees a room with a
nice fireplace, a decorated Christmas tree with some presents under it, and a
huge ham roasting over fire. There is also an orc couple, who look very sad.
"What?s wrong with them, aren?t people (or orcs) supposed to be happy during
Christmas?", Nelson asks. "Yes usually they are, but all the children of these
orcs went to a orc scout camp and for some reason they never returned, I think
you know why", ghost says. "Oh, are they the ones im holding tied-up in my
tree?", Nelson asks. "Yes, if they wouldn't be so tied-up at the moment, they
would have a nice family Christmas here with their parents", ghost says. "But
I think you've seen enough of this for now, one more ghost to go!", he says
and snaps his fingers.

"It's getting more weird all the time, must be some new event", Nelson thinks,
back in his bed, but he is so exhausted from the long walk through forest,
that he quickly falls back to sleep. "Wakey wakey!" someone shouts. "Oh no not
again, I just want to finally get some sleep!" Nelson shouts back. "No time
for that now, I am the ghost of future Christmases, come on, we got places to
go.", ghost says and drags Nelson with him, down the tree. "We wont go far,
just to Arelium church", ghost says. "Church? What are we doing at church in
middle of the night?", asks Nelson. "Well, we aren't exactly going to church,
but to graveyard next to it, come on", says ghost and starts walking, pulling
Nelson behind him. They arrive at gloomy looking graveyard, and stand by open
grave. "Whose funeral is this? Why there isn't any guests?", scared Nelson
asks. "Look at the grave stone", says ghost. Nelson reads it and sees his own
name on it. "But, this can't be, why isn't anyone attending my funeral?", he
asks. "Because you never went back to Newbie Playground to be with your best
friends, why would they come to your funeral? Your bully followers are just
that, not your real friends, they don?t care about funerals.", says ghost.
"But this isn't right, it can't be happening!", says Nelson, starting to
panic. "But it is happening if you don't change things", says ghost, and
pushes Nelson in the grave. 

Nelson falls down, and wakes up next to his bed, after falling out of it.  "It
was a dream, a very very bad dream", thinks Nelson, and notices that it is
morning. "But this is Christmas eve, I can still change things! Maybe I even
get a Sera hat from present this year" He goes and frees all the orc scouts,
and walks to Newbie Playground to meet his friends. Marcus and Arnold are bit
confused why Nelson is suddenly back, but together they go to Arelium to sit
on Santa's lap, and they all get a present from him. They return to Playground
and gather around sandbox to open their presents. Marcus gets a fancy iron
broadsword from his present, and Arnold gets a bottle of Old Port. Then it's
Nelsons time to open his present. From the present falls: a match. That's it,
time to do some orc hunting, who cares who comes to my funeral anyway, Nelson
grumbles, and goes to gather his followers to take orc clubhouse back. Nelson
never celebrated another Christmas again.