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Library: Fucking with arches


Author: erygon
Date:Mar 13 2015

Erygon and Maraqita are sitting at the bar once again.
"Should we do something today?", Maraqita asks and takes a puff from his
Erygon grunts "Meh."
Maraqita tries again, "Maybe some exp? I'll lead."
Erygon stares blankly to the distance and shrugs.
"Ok, whats wrong?", Maraqita asks.
Erygon turns towards Maraqita, "I've been thinking about this Kirya thing.
You know how I have been trying to quit for years."
"You have?", Maraqita asks.
"So, I was thinking, maybe I could piss off an archwizard and get removed,
that will surely stop me from playing.", erygon says, looking a bit happier.
Maraqita stumps his cig, "It prolly works, but do you wanna go like that?"
"Dude, I'm desperate", Erygon says.
"Ok, I'll tell you what to say.", Maraqita leans forward and motions Erygon
to come closer, "You just go there and *whisper*"

Next night Erygon arrives to the bar and sits down at the table.
"You don't seem very removed.", Maraqita says and takes a good look at Erygon.
"It didn't work at all.", Erygon says.
"I went to the dataroom and..", Erygon takes a look around.
He leans forward and continues, "I got in front of one of the big guys and
shouted 'You $&%&%&! I'm going to %#&%& your #%&&% #%#%#%& with #%&#& and
#&%#%% in #%#%%. ##%&%# #%%&% potato #"%#%% %%#!', just like you told me."
"For a while it was all quiet, but then this dude like wakes up and
gets up from his chair and room gets all dark and scary.", Erygon says.
"'What!', he shouts with deep voice, it's like thunder.
I'm shaking with fear, waiting for the last strike."
Erygon's eyes have strange glow, "But then nothing happens and when I look at
the guy, he is just grinning, 'Thats nasty, I like it.', he says."
"Then he draws these glowing door frames in the air and I notice that
I cannot move.", Erygon says.
"'Let's do it!', he shouts and I float through the door after him and then..
um some stuff happened..", Erygon tries to look at something in the lampshade.
"BUT, when I wake up next boot, I got all this stuff!", Erygon shouts and
opens his cape, he is covered with shining magical eq.
"Is that wiz eq?", Maraqita asks.
"Oh yeah, 10 stat every slot with extra ticks and these swords
hit like a truck!", Erygon shows his grand equipment.
"We should go make some exp! I wanna test these!", Erygon shouts.