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Library: Sledding


Author: sprite
Date:Mar 28 2015

One bright winter day in 1980 it snowed in Speedway, Indiana, USA. It was
February 28, 1980 to be specific. Shawn was four years and  one month old.
Shayne was one year and one month old.
Shawn like the snow. He liked to run in it. he like to throw it around. Shayne
liked the snow... sort of. 
She was not very fond of falling in the snow. Her little one year old legs
were not very good for walking in snow. It was slippery. It was cold. She
would try, but she spent most ofher time sitting in the snow or trying to get
back up.
Their parents though were different. their parent LOVED the snow. they
shoveled the sno off of the sidewalks and piled it up. the shoveled  their
neighbor's sidewalks and piled that snow up too. They shoveled the snow on the
grass and add that snow to the pils. The pile grew.
Now, what does one do with a big pile of snow?: Snow houses don't DO anything.
Even snowmen don't actually do anything.  They just stand there. But a snow
slide can be a lot of fun. One can slide donw as snow hill... IF one has a
snow sled. But, what if one does not have such a sled. What else coutd someone
slide on... or in ?

Shawn did not yet have a sled. Shayne certainly did not have a sled. Actually,
Shawn and Shayne wanted to go inside. they wanted to go in where it was warm
and have some nice warm lunch. But Shawn and Shayne were little. The BIG KIDS,
Mommy and Daddy, wanted to play in the snow. So, guess who stayed outside and
played in the snow? And while you are at it, guess what they used for a sled?
They used Shayne's baby bathtub!
Shawn decided that this might be fun. Shayne was not so sure. Shaynethought
mabye she wanted OUT OF THAT SLED and OFF OF THAT BIG HILL. But, Shawn held
onto his baby sister tightly and off they went.
Wheeeeeeeee.... Down the hill they went.
Around the slight curve they went. Shawn was laughing. Shayne was not
laughing. She was not exactly crying, but she was certainly not laughing.
Shayne was too small to enjoy sliding down a snow hill in a baby bathtub.
Mommy helped her out of the sled, and gave her a big hug.
Shayne would sled another day.
Shawn however was bigger. He was a great big four year old boy. He wanted to
slide again. Daddy held the bathtub/sled and Shawn climbe up the BIG hill. Ok,
OK, it wasn't really very big, but it was all the snow we could find and carry
Shawn finally made it into the battub/sled but his boots were snowy and he
slid right down on his little bum. He was almost lying down in the bathtub.
Shawn laughed and tried to sit up. Hw was too snowy and slippery. Finally
Daddy helped him and he got ready to slide again.
Daddy gave him a push and off he went. Down the not so big hill he went.
Around the tiny curve he went. 
Shawn smiled. Shawn liked sledding.'
Let's do it again Daddy!