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Library: The Village of the Strong Men


Author: derivator
Date:May 31 2015

Long time ago, far far away from anywhere else there was a small village.
Village was just like any other village of the time. Kids playing outside
together. Farmers, fishermen and hunters deploying the food for the people and
merchants selling food and goods in the marketplace. 

In this otherwise ordinary village lived three extra-ordinary strong men. The
first man, called Bob, was so strong that he could pull the plow in the
fields, where the ground was too hard for the horses to plow. The second man,
called Tom, was so strong that he could hunt bears by catching them and
wrestling them to dead. The third man, called Joe, was the strongest of them
all. He was so strong that he could cut down full grown trees and snap them
like sticks with his bare hands. Despite their abilities, all three men were
kind and happily living amongst the rest of the villagers.

For many years village had been quiet and peaceful place to live. The things
started to change couple of years ago when an old witch moved to the
mountains, next to the village. At first witch caused no harm for the
villagers, sometimes she was seen flying in the sky but nothing else. However,
after some time she started to do some nasty tricks for the villagers.
Sometimes the tricks were done for some purpose, for example if the witch was
in the need of eggs, she could steal one of the chickens. Mostly, however, the
tricks were done just for fun, like once that one cow started to milk blue
milk after drinking some potion from the witch. As the time went by, these
tricks became more and more annoying. The villagers were afraid of the witch.
Of course they were whining about her, but no matter what she had done so far,
they didn't really dare to stand against her. 

Then came the day when the villagers had had enough of the tricks. Witch had
poured some magic potion into the village well causing the water turn red and
its taste turn bitter. Villagers gathered around the market square yelling and
shouting about the witch. "This was the last trick the witch has done to us!",
they shouted and continued: "We must go and kill the damn witch!" But when it
came time to volunteer for the witch hunt, nobody stood up. Finally first of
the strong men, Bob, cleared his throat and said "I will go and get her!"
Everybody were cheering and happy, and so Bob started to prepare for the hunt.

The way to the witch's hut was long and demanding for an ordinary people.
However, for Bob it was not a big deal. With ease he climbed the mountain path
and after few hours, he was already knocking on the door of the hut. "Let me
in, I am here to punish you for what you did!", he shouted. When the witch
heard him knocking and shouting, she took one drop of the magic potionwhich
makes her strong as a bull. She came through the door and charged Bob
laughing.After some time of wrestling she got Bob, tied down with the rope.
She carried Bob inside her hut and tossed him into the big pot. "I will eat
you, but not today since I'm not hungry!", she echoed. After that she took her
broom and circled few times over the village laughing out maliciously.

In the village, the people saw this and guessed what had happened. "The witch
has killed Bob!", they were crying, "What can we do now?". Then the second of
the strong man, Tom, stood up and said that he will go and take care of the
witch. Up he ran to the witch's hut and in no time was already knocking on the
door. "Let me in you wicked witch!", he shouted with rage.  This time, still a
bit tired from the first fight, the witch took two drops of the magic potion
and became even stronger than before. She came raging through the door right
towards Tom. Tom was a strong wrestler after hunting all those bears, so the
battle was more equal this time. Eventually,witch had Tom in the ropes and
carried him to the same pot with Bob. Again she took couple of rounds flying
over the village to show off her victory.

"Oh my god, the witch got Tom as well!", the villagers shouted, "Now we are
doomed!". They were already starting to fall into despair, but then the third
of the strong man, Joe came yawning out from his hut. "Joe, good that you are
here!", said one of the villagers and went through the day's happenings,
"Please, PLEASE, help us to get the witch!" "Ok, I will have a word with
her!", promised Joe and left to the mountains. 

Shortly after, Joe was already knocking on the hut door, "Let me in there!",
he shouted. When the witch heard him on the door, she took three drops of the
enchantment potion and rushed to the door. She tried to fight Joe, but Joe was
too strong for her and got her wrestled to the ground. "Ok ok, you won!",
cried the witch, "Please let me go in and I will set your friends free!" Joe
pondered a while and let go, but as soon as he did, witch rushed inside and
drank all of the remaining potion to become totally enraged. Yelling and
shouting she came back out, but after some time, she started to feel the
potion burning inside her. Screaming in pain she ran down the cliff and
dropped down to the river on the other side of the mountain. 

Joe found Bob and Tom lying in the pot inside the hut. He set them free and
together they walked back to the village. Everyone were cheering at them and
Joe was rewarded greatly for his mission. Villagers lived happily ever after
and the witch was never seen again.