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Library: Journal of the Unknown Valar


Author: phlinn
Date:Dec 6 2015

Journal of the Unknown Valar

The following was found written on a couple of peices of parchment in an 
ancient ruins.  Dating is difficult, but it appears to be at least 300 years
old, since the ruined manor house has been abandoned for at least that long.
It was inside a preserving pouch found on the skeleton of a valar, next to
partial remains of a demon.

First entry
I can't be specific with the date, as I don't know what the day is. I lack all
concrete memories before I awoke this morning, buried under a pile of rubble
and left for dead.  In truth, seeing the pool of dried blood underneath me, I
am amazed I lived.  I suffered a terrible head wound.  It is only by the grace
of Eru that the rubble landed in such a way that I was constrained rather than
crushed.  In truth, I don't recall who Eru is, but I know that I serve him.
That much came to me when I was finally free of the rubble, and able to invoke
his power to beging healing myself.  I started writing this journal so I would
have some information if I lost my memories upon waking.

Second entry
Feeling much better after sleeping through the night.  Still few
recollections.  Scenes of a small army attacking the castle whose ruins I seem
to be in.  Fire being set by a saboteur, taking out the castle's internal
supports. There was one among the army who was twisted and wrong somehow.  I
know, somehow, that his presence is why I was preserved.  It is my duty to see
that presence destroyed.  I'll have to track it down.

3rd entry
3 days since my last entry.  I found traces of the army well enough.  Finally
I found it in the midst of an assault on the manor of some minor lord.  I'm
outnumbered badly, and can't just go marching in.  I wish I'd been able to
find some decent weapons on the way, but managed to take out one of the army's
scouts without them.  His bow was useless to me unfortunately, as I'd be
likely to hurt myself than a target with it.

4th entry
I barely restrained myself from going to the aid of the last of the survivors.
The entity I was after separated himself from his defenders, and found an 
isolated section of the now ruined castle to entertain himself without his 
compatriots knowing. Although stealth is not my strongest trait, I managed to
get in unseen due to the drunken revelry of the victors.  It heartens me
somewhat that he couldn't just torture and consume one of lords servants in
public.  There is some hope for the rest of them with the entity's influen
removed.  Should I not survive, know that I served Eru to the last.


There are no further entries.