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Library: Uncovering the best beer


Author: bmoa
Date:Mar 10 2016

Deep mountains, above the sea,
there were villages.

Deep forests, they were.
No one gone, no one discovered.

First one, very top of the mountain.
It was called Typhike.

Typhikeans were proud and tall folks.
Really, they knew the secrets of the mountains.

Others did not come.
They knew.

Deep forests, a bit before the top.
Village was called Asinp.

Differing much from neighbours.
Silent, almost mute.

Very deep forests, jungle.
Bungens had the knowledge.

Point a plant, 
they tell what to do and not.

One village, aside from others.
Grupsis, home of leprechauns.

In side of mountain
where no one came.

Most green of all leprechauns,
Whisk was the one.

Willing to find out the secrets.
Beer is good but it can be better.

First stop was Asinp.
First they just said nothing.

After a week, asinpeans revealed it.
Best hop for best beer.

After three weeks,
vivid talking of two words, Whisk leaves.

With magical hop in backpack,
Whisk arrived to Bungen.

Bungen people hospitable,
Whisk learning things thoroughly.

Three days, three nights.
Water it was, best water for best beer.

With magical hop and magical water source,
Whisk climbed up, and up, and up.

Typhike, land of sprites.
Typhike, land of magic.

Insecure and unsettled,
Whisk arrived.

Everything floating, people and houses.
Nothing to grasp, nowhere to go.

Whisk, best of her kind.
Had time in waiting. One week, seven weeks.

Whisk, when almost no beer left,
was summoned. Palace of the Sprites!

Queen of Typhike, noble and kind.
Inquiring why Whisk is so eager.

Whisk tells about beer and kin.
Queen tells about lembas and the kind.

Drinking beer. One week, seven weeks.
Whisk and the Queen, sharing secrets.

Nothing ready, nothing done.
Best beer is still to come.

They consulted a seer.
Secret of the best beer.

The closest intimacy,
the most delicate nuance.

With this guidance
Whist and the Queen.

They used a week, seven weeks.
At last, the best was revealed.

Whisk returned and announced.
Union of two villages.

Best beer of these forests.