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Library: Lonely Dragon


Author: humma
Date:Apr 1 2016

The enormous red and black beauty of the sky,
Always been free to fly.
But since all the little creatures-
With their bows and arrows-
Inhabited the lands,
Freedom is no longer grace.

In disbelief that I am the only one of my kind,
Always hiding behind the great green vines,
Trying to pretend everything is fine.
A lonely mystical creature,
A pure, fierce beauty of the empty blue sky.

All alone in a big black hole of despair,
Weeping over the devastation.
The once beautiful, once peaceful land,
Is now an unsafe land of ruins.

Flying with nothing but peace in my mind,
Over the misty mountains,
And the colourful fields full of flowers.
Hearing the screams of the little creatures.
Then, suddenly a sharp silver arrow through the head,
Dropping involuntarily to the ground,
Like an unwanted piece of meat,
Not being able to fend off all the beating and bashing.

My soul starts slowly drifting to a more peaceful place,
Where my mystical family gracefully fly free,
A place with limitless strawberries and daisies.

Listening to the, now faint, malicious laughter of those cruel little
A painful, yet calming breeze blows over my lifeless body.

Finally free to fly in the wondrous, crystal blue sky.
Now I'm not the lonely red and black creature of the empty sky.