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Library: Teen Pregnancy 101: Mary and Joe have a Baby


Author: spann
Date:Nov 6 2016

een Pregnancy 101: Mary and Joe have a Baby
By Minnesotabrant
Narrator: Mary calls Joe on the phone to tell him the news.
Mary: Hi Joe, its Mary, I need to talk to you.
Joe: What do you want to talk about?
Mary: Im pregnant.
Joe: I gotta go bye.
Mary: Joe?
Narrator: Joe hangs up the phone. Mary, feeling conflicted, calls her best
friend Felicias house to figure out what she should do.
Felicia: Hi Mary.
Mary: I wanted to tell you Im pregnant and Joe's the father.
Felicia: Joe, are you serious?
Felicia: Are you positive Joe is the father?
Mary: Yes, I never slept with anyone else before. I dont know how this could
have happened. I only slept with him once!
Felecia: What did Joe say?
Mary: He hung up on me!
Felecia thats not very nice. I think you should call him and tell him what you
think of him doing that.
Mary: OK.
Narrator: Mary calls Joe to find out why he just hung up on her.
Joe: Hello?
Mary: I just called to ask you why did you hang up so fast.
Joe: You caught me off guard? Why are you calling me?
Mary: I want to talk about the baby.
Joe: Ok, are you sure that its mine? We only slept together once.
Mary: Yes, I havent slept with anyone else.
Joe: We just started dating. I hope you aren't planning on keeping the baby.
Mary: Yes I am.
Joe: Besides assisting you to have an abortion, I really cant help you.
Mary: I have decided not to have an abortion
Joe: I havent started working yet and I have no income. My parents wont help;
in fact they probably would cut me off if we did have a baby.
Mary: I dont really care what you, or your parents think. I can raise my baby
Joe: At any rate I really insist that you have an abortion.
Mary: There is no way I am having an abortion.
Joe: Theres no way I can talk you out of this?
Mary: No.
Joe: Bye.
Narrator: Mary and Felicia have a discussion about Marys phone call with Joe.
Mary: Joe said that he wont help me with the pregnancy unless I have an
Felicia: That really terrible. I am sorry.
Mary: I doubt that my family will help either.
Felicia: Why do you say that?
Mary: I am guessing that they will want me to have an abortion too.
Felicia: Why?
Mary: Because I am still in high school and dont have a job.
Felicia: What are you going to do?
Mary: I guess its time to go home and talk it over with my family.
Felicia: Good luck!
Narrator: Mary then walks home to tell her parents about her pregnancy.
Mary: mom how are you doing?
Mom: fine.
Mary: Mom, I have to tell you something.
Mom: Whats that?
Mary: Mom, I am pregnant.
Mom: How did this happen.
Mary: I dont know; we only had sex once!
Mom: Who is the father?
Mary: Joe.
Mom: Have you told him about the pregnancy?
Mary: Yes.
Mom: What did he tell you to do?
Mary: He said to have an abortion.
Mom: Thats probably for the best. You are too young to have a child.
Mary: I am keeping my baby.
Mom: Lets discuss this when your father comes home.
Mary: OK.
Narrator: Mary and her mom named Melissa, wait for Marys father named Henry to
come home.
Dad: Oh man, I had a rough day!
Mom: Well, sit down for a second because Mary has something to talk to you
about later.
Narrator: Marys father Henry sits down and Mary begins to tell her story.
Mary: Dad, I have something to tell you.
Dad: What is it?
Mary: Im pregnant.
Dad: What!
Mom: Mary told me all about it. According to her, the father is Joe.
Dad: What does Joe say about it?
Mary: He wants me to have an abortion.
Dad: Maybe thats the best thing to do.
Mary: I want to keep the baby.
Dad: We cant afford another mouth to feed. How are you going to support
yourself and your baby?
Mary: I guess I will have to move out and get a job.
Dad: Well you better start looking.
Mary: OK.
Narrator: Mary starts looking for a job and soon finds herself working as a
waitress at a local diner. Her best friend there is Kevin, another server.
Mary has now been employed there for about 6 months.
Kevin: Busy day.
Mary: Tell me about it.
Kevin: So how are things going with your pregnancy?
Mary: It seems like I am working all the time, but there is hardly anything
left over after rent.
Kevin: That sounds bad.
Mary: I have no idea how I am going to have my child with the money I make
here, much less support it.
Kevin: Do you have any ideas?
Mary: I guess I am going to have to sue Joe for child support.
Kevin: I say go for it! Theres no excuse for what he did.
Mary: Ok I guess I will.
Narrator: Mary calls Joe to ask him for child support in order to have the
Mary: I have to talk to you about something.
Joe: What do you want?
Mary: I dont have the money to cover the pregnancy. I need your help.
Joe: I am in college now. I just dont have the money.
Mary: I have been talking to a lawyer. I will have to sue you for child
Joe: Let me first talk it over with my parents and I will call you tomorrow.
Mary: Ok, I will talk to you tomorrow.
Narrator: Joe finally tells his parents Charles and Diane who are not happy
with him.
Joe: Dad, I have to talk to you about something.
Dad: Whats that?
Joe: Mary got pregnant and now she is suing me for child support. What can I
do about it?
Dad: Who is her lawyer?
Joe: I dont know but I hardly see how she can afford a lawyer. From what I
hear she is barely getting by working as a waitress.
Dad: Its probably best she sues for child support rather than voluntary
Joe: Why is that?
Dad: Well, we can hire better lawyers on our side to get a more favorable
settlement for you. In fact, to appear to be fair, lets pay for her lawyer as
Joe: OK Dad, whatever you say.
Mom: You have plenty of money dear, why dont you just help her out with the
child support?
Dad: I dont really like Mary. I prefer for her to go through the court system.
Dont push it Diane.
Mom: Ok then.
Narrator: Joe then calls Mary to discuss his familys plans for the court date.
Joe: Hi Mary
Mary: What did your family say?
Joe: My dad agreed to pay for both lawyers.
Mary: OK, I dont really have enough money for my lawyer anyway.
Joe: OK see you in court.
Mary: Bye.
Narrator: The court date arrives and both Joe and Mary arrive into the
courtroom. Judge Kilgore is presiding
Judge: I have reviewed the case as presented from both sides, and decided
that, in lieu of child support, the child shall have a trust fund set up in
its name. Further all other medical bills relating to the pregnancy are to be
paid for by Joe, the father.
Narrator: After the court date, Joe talks to his father.
Joe: I dont have the money to pay the court settlement.
Dad: I will pay for it as long as you dont go anywhere near the mother, or the
Joe: I have college to think about: Agreed.
Dad: I mean it. Dont have any conversation with either of them what so ever or
I will cut you off.
Joe: Yes, I understand.
Narrator: Mary goes into labor and goes to the hospital. She delivers her
baby. The baby is born healthy and Mary names her Penny. Six months go by, and
later, during Pennys checkup, Doctor Hemphill discusses with Mary, her babys
Doctor: Your baby seems healthy in every way. The only thing that concerns me
is that she doesnt seem to smile. Shes so young to look so unhappy.
Mary: Thanks for your concern that does seem unusual, I am sure she will be
Doctor: lets hope so. Good luck.
Mary: Thank you.
Narrator: A month after the visit with the doctor she finds that she doesn't
have enough food to feed herself or her baby. So, while at work, she talks to
her friend Kevin about it.
Mary: Kevin, I am feeling so weak because there is not enough food in the
house to feed the two of us. I have not eaten in two days.
Kevin: Mary, you gave it your best shot but it doesn't seem to be working, I
think you should go down to the welfare office to apply for benefits.
Mary: I guess I have no choice. I have to feed my baby.
Kevin After your shift, will you go down to the benefits office and apply?
Mary: Yes Kevin, thanks!
Kevin: Good luck!
Narrator: Mary and her daughter Penny go to the welfare office to try to get
some help. She talks to a worker named Morris who is very helpful.
Morris: Hi my name is Morris what can I do to help you?
Mary: I come for you for help. I have not eaten for two days and there is no
more food to feed my baby.
Morris: My goodness! Here is some money. Go down to the vending machines
downstairs and get yourself a sandwich, and some milk for Penny, then come
back and well talk.
Narrator: Penny and Mary go downstairs and get some food then come back to
talk to Morris about getting some help with welfare.
Morris: Tell me about yourself and your baby Mary.
Mary: I have been trying to support myself and my baby but it is very hard.
There is not enough money to both buy food, and pay the bills too.
Morris: Well, it certainly looks like you need help. I can give you some
emergency funds to get you by for now.
Mary: Thank you!
Morris: youre welcome.
Narrator: Mary leaves her job and goes on welfare. For the first time in a
long time, Mary feels relatively free. However, as time goes by, Mary feels
that she is not living up to her full potential. Mary then decides to go to
school. Mary discovers that she is actually a good student and starting to get
As. Her child now 7 years old goes with Mary to her school to meet her
professor in the student center.
Mary: Hi professor, I would like you to meet my daughter Penny.
Professor: Hi Penny, you look like a bright girl. Someday you will be in
college too.
Penny: Thank you professor, I do want to go to college.
Professor: I am sure you will get there. Do you want to play a game of ping
Penny: I sure would!
Narrator: Mary and Penny go to the supermarket after the meeting with her
professor, while wandering through the produce department they run face to
face into Pennys father Joe.
Mary: Hi Joe.
Joe: Hi Mary its been a long time.
Mary: This is your daughter Penny.
Joe: Oh hi Penny. Mary, I just wanted to tell you that I missed you.
Mary: Are you seeing anyone now.
Joe: No, I havent seen anyone for a very long time.
Mary: Aren't you interested in talking to your daughter Penny?
Joe: I am more interested in talking to you.
Mary: Its nice that you want to talk to me but what about your daughter? There
has been no support-nothing!
Joe: The welfare office came after me for support; it was really hard for me
at first.
Mary: It was hard on us too.
 Joe: But, I finished college anyway, then my father died. I started my own
business with the inheritance I received.
Mary: It sounds like you are set.
 Joe: I was so afraid of something like that happening again after I broke up
with you that I hardly dated since then.
Mary: I am doing better as well. I am currently in college.
Joe: I know this is hard to say after what has happened, but do you think I
could be a part of your life again?
Mary: Yes, but you have to respect that I am a mother now with a little girl
to take care of.
Joe: I understand that we have a girl, I will call you then!
Mary: I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Joe: Bye
Narrator: Joe and Mary have started dating again after 7 years of separation.
After dating for a few months, Joe invites Mary on a date to the Como Zoo.
After looking at the animals, Joe gives Penny 20 dollars worth of tickets to
go on the rides in Como Town.
Joe: here are your tickets Penny, have fun!
Penny: Thanks I will!
Joe: Mary I want to ask you something.
Mary: What do you want to ask?
Joe: We have been dating a few months. I was wondering if you want to move in
with me.
Mary: Both Me and Penny you mean.
Joe: Yes of course!
Mary: I will move in on one condition; that you let me finish college and have
my own career.
Joe: Agreed
Mary: Ok, lets make the arrangements.
Narrator: Mary and Penny move in together with Joe. Soon they are married. Joe
is financially well off, and is also interested in Mary, but he is
controlling. He is the boss in the household and Mary, liking the financial
security, is somewhat ok with it, but would like him to try to be a father to
Penny as well.
Mary: Joe I have something to tell you.
Joe: What is it you want to talk about?
Mary: I am wondering why you dont seem to act like you like your daughter
Joe: Mary, I dated you, not our daughter, its hard to start a relationship
with a child that I never saw for 7 years.
Mary: I guess I can understand that, but what I dont understand is why you are
not trying to build one now?
Joe: Dont you understand? Its too late for that now!
Mary: Never say its never too late.
Joe: Lets not talk about this again.
Mary: Yes sir! Youre the boss!
Joe: Dont you forget it!
Narrator: Mary and Joe continue to live together, and two more very stressful
years go by. Mary finishes college and gets a clerical job at the same
university that she attended. Penny goes to day care near the university. On
the first day on the job Mary gets a call from Joes doctor. Joe has been in a
near-fatal car accident and is in the hospital but is expected to pull
through. Several hours later, after work, Mary picks up Penny to go with her
to the hospital to visit with Joe.
Joe: Hi Mary.
Mary: How are you feeling?
Joe: I am hurt pretty badly and am in a lot of pain, but what hurts me most is
that no one in my family has called or visited; only you and Penny.
Mary: We are here for you, and we both care for you.
Joe: I can see that. Penny, Mary, I am sorry for the way I have treated you. I
will try to make it up to both of you.
Mary: We both hope you get better.
Joe: From now on I will try to make us a family.
Mary: I hope so, both for me, and Penny as well.
Narrator: Joe recovers from the hospital and is a changed man. He is caring to
both Mary and Penny and never controlling. After some time he is fully
recovered. He talks to Mary about going on vacation together as a family.
Something they have never done before.
Joe: Mary I got an ad for Sandals resort in the mail and I was wonder if that
was something that we might be interested in doing as a family.
Mary: Yes, I personally have never been to a beach resort before. I am sure
that Penny would love it as well. Just to be on the safe side, for Penny, make
sure that they have the Disney channel. I dont want her having a temper
tantrum if she is not into the beach.
Joe: I will check on that.
Mary: Let me go tell Penny the news!
Joe: Ok, I will go with you.
Mary: Penny?
Penny: What is it mommy?
Mary: Daddy and I decided that we wanted all of us to go to a beach resort
called Sandals located in Jamaica. Does that sound fun?
Penny. Yes! I want to go to Sandals!
Joe: Ok, I will book it.
Penny: Yay!
Narrator: Penny, Joe, and Mary go to Sandals and have the best time of their
lives. They live happily ever after.
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Penny, the child in question: ___
Felicia, Marys friend: ___
Kevin, Marys work friend: ___
Melissa, Marys mother: ___
Henry, Marys father: ___
Charles, Joes father: ___
Diane, Joes Mother: ___
Kilgore, Pennys doctor: ___
Morris, the social worker: ___
The professor: ___
The Judge___
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