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Library: The Highwayman: Part 2


Author: neclord
Date:Nov 16 2017

You start a play, with following players: Vandurant, Swashbuckler and Godfrey.

%Inside the office of count Godfrey. The spacious room is decorated with
sculptures of nobles of the realm, lavish wood furniture, and silk curtains.
In the center of the room is a huge circular aubusson rug, with a crimson red
with a golden floral medallion at it's center. The far wall behind the count's
desk is a tapestry depicting a man being crowned. Fresh light floods the room
through 3 large windows on the west wall. Outside the sky is bright, despite
the rain from earlier.

%Godfrey says 'Tell me. Exactly what is going on out there, Vandurant?'

%Vandurant says 'It's been 6 weeks since we executed the Highwayman, and it
seems now more than before, that people are starting to rally behind him.
Someone has been printing and posting scandal sheets all over the city, making
him out to be some sort of hero of the people.'

%Godfrey says 'I want to know exactly what measures you're taking to snuff
this spark out.'

%Vandurant says 'We've been arresting anyone who attempts to incite rebellion.
Already this week, we've detained 8 people, so far. Speaking of revolution.'

%Godfrey says 'A lot of good it seems to be doing. I don't want a repeat of
history, Vandurant! This god damned criminal is not going to be my final

%Godfrey pauses, and takes a sip of wine.

%Godfrey begins to speak, his tone becoming more serious.

%Godfrey says 'Let me make this perfectly clear, Vandurant. In your position,
you're expected to perform at a certain standard. A standard which, I must
say, is not being met at this point in time. If you don't find a way to quell
this little rebellion, I will be forced to include the details of your gross
incompetence in my report to the Duke. Punishment will be swift, it will be

%Godfrey says 'Let me assure you, if you don't fix this soon, it won't be my
head in the basket...'

%Godfrey says 'We're done here.'

%Vandurant stands up and leaves the room, clenching his fists as he walks

%On the damp streets a masked Swashbuckler is rousing a crowd, speaking out
against the count and the captain of the guard. Around him are four rough
looking men, armed with swords and pistols.

%Swashbuckler says 'Haven't you people had enough of this? For near thirty
years we have been abused by the count and his dog!'

%Swashbuckler says 'Our land has been stolen, our wages taxed without mercy,
and anyone who stands against Count Godfrey is set upon by his hound! Don't
forget what happened to the highwayman, the man who dared to cross those that
would be our masters! I call upon you, all of you, to take up your arms and
take back what is rightfully yours!'

%Puddles of water splash underfoot as Vandurant quickly makes his way across
the cobblestone street towards the crowd, followed closely by several of his
men with their rifles. The crowd parts as Vandurant moves through them with
his rapier drawn.

%Vandurant says 'You men there! You're all under arrest for sedition!
Surrender now!'

%Swashbuckler says 'Speak of the devil, and his pet shall appear! En garde!'

%The blades of Vandurant and the masked man clash as the 4 thugs at the masked
man's side join in the fray. A shot rings out as one of the thugs pushes a
guards rifle to the side. A guard screams as the bullet hits him in the leg.

%The crowd disperses, most fleeing to their homes. Some men grab anything they
can use as a weapon and come to the aid of the Swashbuckler. The few that join
the masked man inspire others around them, and soon there is a small riot in
the streets. The captain and his men are pelted with rotten food, and they are
soon forced to flee.

%Vandurant says 'Shit! You'll hang for this!! Retreat, men!'

%Vandurant runs through the growing crowd trying to avoid the debris being
thrown at him. His men follow closely behind, two of them helping the man that
was shot. As they make their escape, the crowd can be heard cheering.

%The Swashbuckler jumps on a barrel and begins shouting to the crowd,
encouraging them to rise up against the Count. The crowd cheers as they start
gathering anything they can use as a weapon. They raise pitchforks, torches,
chair legs, and fists in the air cheering at the masked man.

%The Swashbuckler shouts, 'Join me, and together we shall take back our homes,
and our lives!' The crowd cheers, thrusting knives, clubs, and fists in the

%The Swashbuckler leads the mob to the estate of Count Godfrey, only to be met
in force by the enraged Captain Vandurant, and an entire platoon of his men.

%Vandurant says 'No mercy for traitors, men! Take aim!'

%As Vandurant motions to his men, the first line falls to one knee, raising
their rifles as the second line takes aim from behind.

%Swashbuckler presses forward, with the crowd following close behind.

%Time seems to slow as the angry mob approaches. The puddles soak their feet
as they stomp toward the blockade. The roar of the crowd seemingly dies to a
near whisper, and all that any of Vandurant's men can hear is their own
heartbeats, pounding like great drums of war.

%Soon, everything falls silent, as Vandurant gives his orders.

%Vandurant shouts 'Fire!!'

%Reality is restored as Vandurant and his men fire. The crack of the rifles
sends the screaming mob running for cover.

%Swashbuckler yells, "Retreat!" as the captain and his men fire a volley into
the crowd. The crowd, now panicked, runs for cover. A few men slip on the wet
cobblestones in their escape. One does not flee, but instead falls to his
knees, next to the lifeless body of a boy no older than 15, a farmer's sickle
still gripped in his hand.

%Swashbuckler looks back at the man on his knees in the distance, before
turning into a maze of alleyways.

%Vandurant begins to signal his men to pursue the traitors, but stops when he
sees the boy lying on the ground. He watches the masked man shrink into the
distance, and eventually disappear. His gaze falls back on the boy as his
hands begin to tremble. He does not pursue...

You stop the play.