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Library: Free the Spirit


Author: tumbelius
Date:Jan 23 2018

I'm telling a story of a rescue mission which happened back in the day
when I was only a mere mortal. The story took place on 1st day of the 3rd
month (Lorien) of the year 762. It was a rainy and dusky evening when our
brave party of nine set out for our mission to free the spirit of Seyed
Fairlonge. We all were members of the famous secret society called The
Shining Force, the society famous for its journeys and all members
helping each other out and going to the wild and challenging adventurers

It was my first time challenging the mighty undead, evil and all other
minions of the evil necromancer, Kech. For a mighty Templar of Faerwon such a
task is an Honor and Justice, In Nomine Faerwon as we used to say in our
order. I knew my order was looking after me for getting rid of such evil
beings and making the world a better place. This was all I had heard about
what would be waiting for us.

We started the journey with a trip all the way to Desolathya to area called 
Ancient Tower. Our humble leader, Mr. W, had heard a rumour that there was a
ghost that was in need of our assistance. After we had entered the tower we
realised this was not going to be an easy task. We started to explore
through the area and search for items needed to get to the ghost. After some
exploring we found out our first enemies, skeletons, which were easy to get
rid of.

After many skeletons and a huge bone golem we finally found the ghost
and set his spirit free. Before he vanished he told me that the evil elf
necromancer called Kech was his capturer and asked for our help for revenge.
We set for our revenge task and started searching for Kech and exploring what
was remaining of the tower. Shortly we found more skeletons and even
bigger opponents. After a HUGE bone golem called Bok, we were sure that
we cant be too far from Kech any more. And only a few moments later we found
what we were looking for and our revenge was so close you could almost taste

We had a short break and before facing the necromancer. We discussed
about our strategy and plan on how to win this battle to come. We decided that
mages should blast area spells to get rid of the necromancers guards and
priests should target the necromancer. With this cunning plan, nicely working
strategy, great protective spells and excellent team effort we managed to win
the Kech quite easily. For a first timer, everything new was exciting, but
still the fight was much more easier than what I had expected. All of it was
over much faster than I thought it would be.

After the necromancer was dead, we realised we had also found the
magical book of Necronomicon ex mortes and also a couple magical items from
the necromancer. Now we only had our rock-paper-scissors to figure out who
gets which item. Since I already got the credit for saving Seyed Fairlonge
I was happy with my share from this adventure. Getting credit for 
saving someone from the hands the evil minded would have not felt Just for
a High Templar of Faerwon, but by doing so the world was better and safer for
the rest of us. I sincerely hoped my God would appreciete my offerings to him.
In Nomine Faerwon. Amen.

After the adventure I was glad that we accomplished what we set out to do.
Maybe even a bit more that was the original plan. One can only hope for more
thrilling adventurers to come in the future with the the jolly people of the
Force - The Shining Force.