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Library: the gambler


Author: hemicuda
Date:May 29 2018

Lucky the hobbit was not a nice creature.  He had grown up in the shire and
had always seemed a bit different than the other hobbits. Some whispered it
was a rough upbringing, his father an overbearing person with very little of
the hobbit friendliness. Others whispered that Lucky might not even be a true
hobbit, that his mother had a tryst with a dwarf. Lucky knew all the rumors
and it didnt improve his mood any.

Lucky was not well accepted by the boys or the elders. Where the other young
hobbits wanted to be carefree and adventurous, Lucky was a glum and and
calculating. The only thing that made Lucky truly happy was games of chance.
Lucky became very good at playing them, and eventually started talking the
other youngsters into playing the games he had read of in books. This did not
sit well with the elders, they had repeatedly warned Lucky. Lucky didnt heed
the warnings and eventually caused a big stir when he won the Mayors sons
allowance in a game of cards.

Well the Mayor and the elders were none to happy especially after the repeated
warnings to Lucky, which he never heeded. Lucky seemed to have no inclination
to change his ways either. This saddened everyone. The elders wanted to teach
him a lesson and also hopefully bring Lucky to his senses. The Mayor in his
infinite wisdom and patience hatched a plan. They spoke with a mighty wizard
about the plan and he agreed to help. And so Lucky was called in for his
punishment in front of the Mayor and elders.
Lucky was belligerent and rebellious when called in front of his judges. He
seemed to show no remorse and much arrogance to the Mayor and elders. The
mayor spoke of his many transgressions and asked Lucky if he could refute
them. Lucky did not and in fact seemd to not care. Lucky did seem embarassed
and a bit angry to be called out for his acts, not because he had done them
but because he was being confronted. So, the mayor seeing no repentance from
Lucky told him of his punishment. Lucky was to be cursed to forever win at
everything he ever gambled at. He could never lose again. No matter what game
of chance or how bad the odds he would always win. Lucky smiled at this curse,
thinking these people were mad. Lucky at once packed his bags and left for the
big city. The mayor didnt show it but was pleased by this.
Well it came to pass that Lucky got to the city and started to gamble, his
favorite activity. Lucky began to win at everything, no matter what. Every
game of chance and every bet no matter how small or foolish he won. Some
accused him of cheating, but no harm came to him as the wizard who cast the
curse also cast a protection around Lucky anticipating this. After awhile
Lucky became an outcast. No one would gamble with him at all because of his
reputation. Lucky soon realized that he would have to move on to another city.
Lucky also was beginning to wonder if winning constantly was fun as it
Lucky wandered from city to city always ending up in the same predicament. He
would enter as a stranger and quickly  get a reputation as a cheater or at
least as someone to never gamble with. This saddedned Lucky and he began to
long for his shire and to go back home. Lucky truly began to realize the
ramifications of his punishment. Lucky then got the courage to send word to
his village and Mayor that he would like to come home and make amends for his
The mayor was pleased with this and sent word back to Lucky that yes he could
come back. Lucky straggled in to the shire a few weeks later. Although one
would have thought he would have been very wealthy from winning at gambling,
this was not the case. Lucky would only be able to aqcuire a bit winnings it
seemed before everyone stopped gambling with him. So Lucky barely had the
clothes on his back a bit of food in his pack. Lucky came before the Mayor and
the elders and truly was contrite. He was remorseful and had certainly seen
the error in his ways. The mayor and elders conferred and agreed that the
punishment had worked. They called in the wizard to remove the curse.