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Library: The soliloquy of Kizarwexius - a bardic solo play by Ecky


Author: ecky
Date:Jan 20 2019

%Amphitheater goes dark, and a single spotlight aimed at the curtain switches
on. Announcer walks on the stage, and speaks: 'Ladies and gentlemen, liches,
gargoyles, leprechauns, sprites, vampires, draconians and other creatures.
Welcome to the show.'

%Announcer coughs and continues: 'Tonight we shall enjoy the Soliloquy Of
Kizarwexius from the play How I Learned To Stop Soloing And Love The Dragon
written by our shadowkepian bard Shylliam Wakesphere. The role of Kizarwexius
is played by songwriter Ecky Searches the Sprite Overflow Bug.'

%Announcer pauses to draw breath and says: 'Now, let us enjoy the play'. He
turns around and leaves the stage.

%Spotlight goes dark, dim stage lightning turns on. A gasp can be heard from
the audience as the curtain rises revealing Kizarwexius the Moondragon swaying
above you, smoke rising from her nostrils.

%Kizarwexius takes a firm stand on the stage, facing the audience, but looking
as if deep in his own thoughts. The stage is otherwise empty.

%Announcer's voice speaks: 'In the month of Ysaril, year 889, Kizarwexius the
Moondragon is resting in its den. The voice of battle are echoing in the halls
of lonely mountain.'

%Kizarwexius, staring into emptiness, starts his sololoquy and speaks: 'How
all occasions do inform against me, and spur my dull revenge!'

%Kizarwexius pauses and booms: 'What is a dragon, if his chief good and market
of his time to be hated and fed?'

%Kizarwexius lowers its head, mumbling 'A beast, no more.'

%Kizarwexius booms: 'Sure he that made us with such large discourse, gave us
not that capability and godlike reason to fust in us unused'

%Kizarwexius seems lost in his thoughts.

%Kizarwexius, as if asking from himself, says: 'Now.... Whether it will be...
Beastial oblivion, or some craven scruple of thinking too precisely on the

%Kizarwexius shakes it's head and moves a bit, blowing rings of smoke.

%By now, the sounds of battle have grown stronger, and suddenly a group of of
nine adventurers have appeared on the corner of the stage: a shadow, a lich,
two vampires, a thrikhren, a kobold, a gargoyle and two draconians. One of the
vampire who seems to be leading the troops, shouts orders as they try to form
an attack against Kizarwexius.

%Kizarwexius says mockingly: 'Witness this army of such mass and charge, lead
by delicate and tender prince'

%Kizarwexius the Moondragon sways, ignoring the troops, and says: 'Whose
spirit, divine ambition puffed, makes mouths at the invisible event, exposing
what is mortal and unsure to all that fortune, death and danger dare..'

%Kizarwexius sighs wearily. She seems to be tired of the attempts of mortals.

%Kizarwexius says: '....even for a ring'

%Suddenly as if he woke up from deep thougts, a Kizarwexius's eyes sparkle and
fill with hatred, and he turns around to face the trembling party of
adventurers, who now weave their magics at the dragon.

%Kizarwexius booms  'Alas, from this time forth, my thoughs be bloody or be
nothing worth!'

%Kizarwexius GLEAMS brightly and everything is reflected.

%Kizarwexius shouts 'Thanks Anatea, I still need 5k for next level!'

%The spotlight goes dark and curtain closes, hiding the corpse of kobold on
stage. The stage lights up again, and Kizarwexius appears in front of the
stage, bows and blows a kiss to the audience. The stage goes dark.