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Library: Death of Fear


Author: mulam
Date:Jun 8 2019

It was a crisp autumn day when Monicas family finished unpacking the last
boxes of their recent move, they have just arrived to the little town and were
ready to start their new life.

Since the first day of school Monica felt out of place in her new school. Most
of her classmates bullied her for her shyness or simply ignored her.

She only wanted to felt accepted. 

It was the last days of October and the teenagers of the town were getting
ready for Halloween. One morning a group of them approached Monica to invite
her to a costume party, but they warned her that first she would have to
complete a task.

"You have to go to the cemetery and find the tomb of old Mr. Kerr. Then you
need to nail a note in the tomb that says 'Monica was here'. Will you do it?"

Monica was not a fan of horror stories or anything of that sort, actually, she
was easily frightened. But this was her opportunity to belong to the group and
stop being the outcast of the class. So, she accepted.

John Kerr was an old legend in town. He died decades ago but the story was
still being told by scared folks, especially during this time of the year. 

Mr. Kerr was a grumpy man that lived all by himself in a small house at the
outskirts of the town. He was a rich man, making his fortune as a coal
salesman in all the east coast. One night, a couple of traveling thieves that
knew about his riches entered his house to rob him. Mr. Kerr apparently woke
up and resisted, a fight ensued and one of the thieves pushed Mr. Kerr down
the stairs, he died right there. The thieves escaped and not having any
relatives, the town buried Mr. Kerr in an almost unmarked grave.

A few months later, news arrived to the town that both thieves were eventually
caught and jailed. Both died in separate events while being alone in their
cells. It wasnt long when the legend of Mr. Kerr coming back from the death to
get his revenge started. Since then people swore about seeing John Kerr
wandering around the cemetery, wailing in immortal pain. 

The very night of Halloween, Monica and her friends were at the entrance of
the cemetery. She had a piece of paper and a pencil and a nail. She was ready.

From the entrance, the cemetery looked normal. There was almost a full moon in
the sky, so when the clouds cleared the place was lit with an eerie, moon
light. A light wind was blowing, moving the leaves of the old oaks at its

"Remember Monica, you need to come back here so we know you finished the task,
dont try to escape to mommy!" the kids warned.

Monica entered the graveyard, determined to finish the task and get over with
this silly request. 

Being a small town, the cemetery was anything but fancy. Small tombstones
marked the packed graves. Big oaks lined the place, their branches almost
touching the ground. The sounds of the wind were ominous and Monica couldnt
help but to feel her pulse speed up.

Using the white light that bathed the place, she scanned the graves until she
found the one she was looking for. 'John Kerr, 1883 - 1955' was engraved in an
otherwise undescriptive tombstone.

Monica came from a deeply religious family. Defiling graves was not something
she was comfortable doing, but she was not opening a coffin or anything, just
nailing a silly note. 

Scanning her surroundings to make sure no one was there, she crouched down to
do her quest. Right at that moment, an acorn fell from one of the trees and
hit her right in her head before falling to the ground. She almost fainted;
for a second there she thought someone had knocked her head. Her heart was
racing now, about the explode out of her chest.

She crouched again and quickly scribbled the message on the piece of paper.
Pushed the nail into the rotten wood of a nearby post. She was ready to leave!
Just when she was getting up, someone grabbed her from below and pulled her
back to the ground! Monica screamed loudly just before fainting.

The kids were still at the entrance, giggling and joking about how easy it had
been to convince Monica to do this. They have tried this same prank before
with other newcomers and no one had accepted. None of them actually believed
that legend of the ghost of Mr. Kerr, but still coming here at night was
enough to scare even the bravest.

A few minutes had passed since Monica left when they heard a blood curdling
scream coming from inside the cemetery. They ran towards Mr. Kerrs grave and
found Monica lying above the grave, not moving. They kneeled to check on her,
but she was dead, with a horrible expression in her face. She had died from a
heart attack, with her dress pinned with the very nail she had used.

She had died of fear.