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Library: Encounter at Tyr-awood


Author: derendil
Date:Feb 25 2020

The wind whistled through the trees and thickets. Dark and creeping mist
gathered in the shadows, causing Derendil to give pause in his thoughts.
Why was this taking so long? He thought to himself, and where the hell are the
other scouts. He glanced quickly up at the moon, and noted the time through
his mystic watch, which was powered by moonlight. Based on the time, he
thought to himself, this is clearly our scheduled time to meet up and share
notes. Rathwind would not be happy that his report included missing scouts. As
a Scout Team Leader, especially one tagged for advancement, this would not
look good on his record. Derendil shifted his cloak, making the Elfas cloak
tighter around his body, and covering a previously uncovered toe, up again.
Only another Elfas Scout could find a well cloaked and hidden scout, it was
something the learned in basic training, and really it was a game growing up
among Elfans. I?ll give it 3 more Zah?adron, literally many many heartbeats,
he thought again.
Elfans had a constant inner monologue, when in close proximity to other
elfans, they communicated telepathically, so talking to yourself was common
place among their kind. 

Derendil waited with bated breath, he was growing more nervous by the
Zah?adron, every small squirrel, every little rodent, each rustle of a leaf,
caused him to grow on edge. A ranger would know the difference between skilled
woodland enemies, and just typically forest noise, but a scout was not at that
level yet, even a leader. It was a rare scout that made it to ranger these
days, with the war and all. Well, ?skirmishes? was the official name, but what
do you call a protected conflict with many battles and numerous casualties on
both sides. Derendil was just 23 these days, a mere babe in arms in Elfan
years, most Elfans didn?t even start service till age 45, and even that was
considered young. But Derendil was different, he was stronger, more agile and
larger than even most full grown Elfans, and had quickly outpaced his peers in
both basic, scout, and intelligence tests. Thus at 23 he was poised to become
the youngest Lieutenant-Initiate Ranger in Elfan history, but then every day
he did anything he was the youngest to do it. Hell the first time he did
something and was complimented on young he was he might die of shock! At any
rate, the one thing he always lacked was experience, because he mastered
everything so quickly he rarely did tasks or experienced events long enough to
make them second nature, one day he knew he would have to start dedicated
time, but Time! Its what he always had in short supply. Reading, writing,
agility, and training at arms, he never seemed to have enough time in the day;
he said as he realized he spoke outloud! Derendil was strange among his kind,
he spoke more than he used telepathy, it was another of his quirks that made
him a bit of eclectic among elfans. He also tended to think and converse with
himself too much when he should be focused on the task at hand. 

That?s when he heard it, he had only read about Ranger skills and tactics, but
he remembered an ancient trick for detected skilled woodland enemies, and know
that he was attuned for it he realized that, although they didn?t know his
precise location there was approximately 12 enemies creeping toward his
general whereabouts, at this very Zah?adron! 12 was 8 more than he had ever
engaged at once, and was 11 more than you should engage if you wanted to
survive, let alone skilled men who could approach him for this long
undetected. Shazahah, excrement in elfan, he cursed in his mind; this must be
the fate of his fellow scouts. If he can survive this he will have a damned
good reason and heroics of battle to make up for him losing his companions,
Sha?lemloem to them. He quickly martialed his thoughts, a scout trick for
preparing for battle, remembered his long ago multi-enemy engagement training,
ignoring the first five lessons; with such gems as DON?T ENGAGE MULTIPLE
ENEMIES! In them. Lesson 6 force them into a series of mata-i-mata?s, use the
terrain to your gain, and always go for the quickest disable; wrists, calfs,
hamstrings, eyes, etc. Using his Altarian-gifted ears and eyesight, he slipped
into Frenz?ary, and started his Scout Pace, a way of walking quickly without
making noise. He quickly located his first target, and the 2 after that one.
Between two giant elderberries, with a large thicket of brambles separating
the other two, about head height for them, but just above his midsection for
himself. Using his superior reach, he slipped his dagger into his first foes
neck, severing any chance of a shout, while grabbing a mini flechete from his
bandolier tossing it the left foes mouth, he hit stopping him from making
noise as well, all of this within one Zah?adron, with the next heartbeat he
backrolled over the first foe, using the platform to vault over the bramble
and shoving his dagger clean through the last foes neck, not many could
decapitate an enemy with a dagger, but Derendil could. Having done all of th
is in such a short span, clearly taxed the young Scout Leader, and his breath
was coming in quieted gasps, as he sucked in air. He slipped back into Scout
mode, scanning for the other 9 quarries. Unsure if any of the other combats
would go as easy. 
He located the next target but realized he had no chance of reaching the foe
undetected, she was perched atop a large branch, several trees from him,
locating Derendil exactly as he located her, He reached back for his
Galad?hdran, a fearsome weapon made from an entire yew sapling measuring 13
and a half feet long unstrung, put a whistler round into its shaft and pulling
the knockring back to his jaw. As he did so he noticed a bolt spring from the
tree and come racing toward him, he managed to get off a quick shot back at
the tree and spin roll away from the quarrels trajectory, it skimmed his arm
with the barest of touches, and he heard a thump from the direction of the
tree. 4 down he mimed telepathically! If this was only a Stage One
multi-encounter he?d have passed with flying colours. Instead he had 8 more
foes, at least by his first estimate. Well at least he would go down in a
blaze of glory he chatted to himself, darkly. The last downed foe had to have
created some noise, he said ironically, as he heard the sheer amount of noise
the foe was making, Deep caterwauling shrieks and moans, as he came rushing
back to himself. Luckily he could here quick shuffling steps moving towards
the noise from 3 directions, and toward him from two. He threw his bow into
the top of the brambles, and unsheated his long broadsword, with this and his
dagger he we see what comes of Close Quarter Combat with the next foes. The
first one was clearly the largest of the group almost touching Derendil?s
chin, and the other might have been the smallest adversary he had ever seen.
To Derendil?s surprise the large one reached him first, and went down easily
to quick cross-block, tension parry, and riposte, to his midsections side. The
small one, reached him a half step after, and Derendil?s over-confidence
almost cost him dearly, as he just barely managed to meet the inhumanly quick
strike, and power from the small foe. Luckily Derendil wielded the largest
broadsword seen, in elfan lands, and was easily the length of the smaller
arys entire body. He used that unexpected length, to roll up the foes, strike,
and slice off the fingers of its hand, And threw his dagger at the foes chest
with all the might he could muster. The enemy tried to stop the dagger from
penetrating its leather boiled breastplate with its hand?it failed. The blade
pierced through with ungodly force, and got stuck in an elm behind it. 6 Down!
He chanted to himself, in a mantra. The Three he had heard move toward the
downed alive foe, had done whatever dark deed they had perpetrated on that
poor soul, as she had quieted down, and had turned to face Derendil. Derendil
noticed that they all had shocked looks on their faces as they turned, and
slowly all keeled over. 9 Down? What in the Avarasiely just happened?!? He had
very little time to ponder this, as his final foes had caught up to this
advance party and were arrayed in front of him. These all took a very
defensive stance, very akin to Ahlen-Man techniques he had learned with much
pain in Scout Training. Uh oh, these would probably all be a match for him
just mata-i-mata, let alone 4 on 1. He shed all the blood from his broadsword,
and in the same motion carried his Elfan shield down from guige strap onto his
arm. Elfan shields were distinct, as instead of being shaped in a rounded
fashion thy were shaped as a cross, with serrated edges all along each edge,
and were made to fit along the forearm and secured by a strap to the shoulder,
and elbow. Used for blocked, bludgeoning or small in-step body cuts, it made
for a deadly type of combat for anyone involved in CQC. He bit hard into his
lip, and roared in Elfan fashion, quickly, ramping up with his implant
provided Adrenals, and Drugs, it would shorten his life, but not nearly as
much as losing this fight would. He was already well past the safe zone from
his natural born, battle-ready body, let alone with Elfan Alchemist implant
technology. In the next breath he started to whirl faster and faster, and as
he came down onto his main foot, sprang at the group of adversa
ries, with all of his might and vigor. The next few heartbeats, Derendil
became Hellavas-on- Avarasiely as he waded hack and slash and block through
his foes. Without his Scout Gear, and Elfan technology, he could tell these 4
would have taken him down easily, as it was a stiletto had pierced his kidney,
and was bleeding slowly down his back, and his arms and cheeks were litany of
deep lacerations, and cuts, if he survived this it?d be a miracle. Suddenly
his body started to seize and ache, what is this, what side-affect were they
not telling me about? He promptly slayed his last foe, with a powerful
stop-thrust that ended with the point of his Long Broadsword, 2 feet behind
the foes skull, and started to do a battle survey on his body mentally from
quick mediation. His body hurt like he had run the Quen?alayh marathon, with
full plate on. What was affected him so, the kidney was severely hurt yes, but
it would clot and heal, as far he could tell, and as long as he got out of
here soon he could patch it up for a long but direct route home. Poison. Shit.
Was it the Stiletto? Or the arrow? Now he could feel it, the first wound he
took had barely grazed him, but it would be his end. He dropped to his knee,
and started to do a mental inventory on himself. Wait. If they carried poison
they must have the antidote. As he thought this a cleaving whistle rent the
air, and he duck-rolled to his non-hurt side, as he looked back he say the axe
pierce the tree next to him. As He turned to look at it?s source he saw the
arrow go screeching at the foe, and pierce him right in the jaw, and eye. He
feel like a marionette with its strings cut. Glancing over at the source of
the arrow, he came from the downed woman. What the hell?! He thought to
himself. Looking at the foe the arrow took down, he didn?t know how he had
dodged the shot, as this foe clearly outclassed Derendil, and every foe he had
fought combined. There was no way at 23 he would have withstood the foe,
fresh, let alone after fighting so many other adversaries. Well,
 this would be quite the tale to tell back home, he thought to himself.

Not knowing if the downed archer had another gift for himself, he quickly fell
into the brambles, retrieving all his equipment and moved into a copse of
trees that shielded him both from sight and arrows from the last quarry. He
started patched his wounds and cleaning out what he could. The poison was
still raging in his veins, but the adrenals would keep it at bay until he
could approach the downed enemy and get an antidote.  He hid all his gear save
the medicine, and his long dagger, and crept stealthily towards his downed
foe. As he approached he noticed she had far more wounds than his arrow could
have caused, and was bleeding from many sources. She was starring at him with
complete rage, and utter hatred, but did not draw her bow, nor nock and arrow.
Derendil spoke telepathically at her, of course the foe being Hu?hman and not
Elfan could not hear him. He spoke aloud. ?Que Ah?ten, foe??. She laughed
mirthlessly, ?You know as well as I that I don?t ken to that Elfan crap, speak
Human for Christ?s sake?. Derendil said only one word, his human not very
good, ?Why??.
She spat, ?Well you must wonder what happened to me to shut me up, after your
arrow pierced my clavicle and knocked me out of a 20 foot Tree, yah no??.
Derendil nodded, he had thought they had killed her, went unsaid. ?They
started to?.to..Assault me, uh, physically?, Clearly uncomfortable.
Unsure of euphemism, and let alone in a foreign tounge, Derendil did not
understand. ?Que Ahno??. The woman shrieked, ?I said Human god damnit, fucking
speak it, or I will just slit my throat now, and save us both the trouble of
whatever happens nexts?. Derendil did not know what to make of this strange
beauty with dark olive skin, and raven colored hair. She was clearly beautiful
even from Elfan standards, though a bit primal comparatively. ?Ah-polow-gees,
miss, I speak more often then my fellow Elfans, but mostly in my native
tongue, I only know Hu?hman in passing?. He said all of this slowly, and
halting as he conjured the words together. ?Are you saying they violated you?,
he asked poorly again.
She looked at him fiercely, and nodded. Well that explains why she started
killing her companions, and why she was still alive. ?So?what happens now?.??,
She paused waiting for his name. ?Derendil? He supplied. ?Ashana?, she
supplied back. ?I guess we call a truce, and give you this antidote, If you
provide me safe passage anywhere?, she said cautiously. ?or I shove my
boot-knife into your testicles before you can flinch?, as she moved her eyes
down to his location. Derendil quickly said, ?no need for that mam, I will
honor you, and take you somewhere save, if you hold to option 1? He blurted
out in Hum-Elfish, clumsily. Ashana nodded, she had understood enough of him,
to know that, if he had called her bluff, they?d both be dead, and why fight,
when they so clearly had some mysterious connection. In the distance, a large
wolf howled at the moon, as two strangers, started to heal one another, after
quite the encounter, in the woods. Maybe there was hope for their peoples
relations after all, he thought longingly, as he stared into this gorgeous
woman?s eyes.