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Library: Revenge of the young lady


Author: cowsheeppig
Date:Mar 12 2020

When I was in first grade in primary school, I occasionally helped my family's
gorcery shop in the summer vacation. An unfamiliar young lady came over to buy
something. She notice that I am only kid taking care of the shop. She ask,
"Where's your parents?". 

"My mother is not here, I am here responsible for the shop." I disgusted her
tone of contempt, frowned, and returned with a sophisticated, impatient tone. 

She looked at me for a few seconds, smirked, and stretched out her hands and
rubbed my hair. "It's hard to explain to you, forget it, I'll take care of
your business next time, little boss." She is leaving. 

I feel that I have been insulted. I am taking care of the store for a long
time. I know what a young lady couldn't buy from a kid. "wait". I stopped her,
turned around, took a pack of sanitary napkins out of the cardboard box, and
pulled a black plastic bag. "Isn't this you are looking for? Using black bag
people won't see it" The lady seemed frightened, "You child knows everything",
then blushed and went outside. 

I walked out and said, "Well, do you want this or not?" I shook the sanitary
napkin in her hand. The lady walked even more hurriedly, "No, no, what are you
chasing after?" Passer-by sneered and grinned, "This kid is incredible,
hahahaha". I muttered angrily, "Waste my plastic bag." 

The next day, my friend and I finished playing sand and went home. Back in the
shop, I saw that that young lady and my mother were chatting with each other
yesterday, and also holding a beautiful little girl. I'm a little worried.
Maybe she come to avenge me. She didn't seem to see me, and talked to my
mother very well. I sat on the bench and listened to them chatting, only to
know that they came to visit relatives here from another city. These days,
they live in the building not far from my home. Suddenly the lady's eyes
locked on me. "Ah, this is your son. He looks so handsome." My mother
blossomed, pretending to be humble, and called me over and touched my head.
"He is very naughty." Lady also smiled, "Really? He looks pretty quiet". She
dragged a little girl beside her "Lily, call your brother." I looked at the
little girl, crochet, flower skirt, white socks, and little red shoes. It's
really different from our little girl with a snot and wearing slippers who
dared to urinate with us. She called me brother, hiding behind the lady and no
longer talking. I wanted to touch her hair, but my hands were too dirty after
I returned from the sand. I turned and ran. "Well, my son is still shy,
hahaha." I went behind and washed my hands and wiped them clean. Run back and
drag the little girl's hand to the counter. "What you want to eat, I'll bring
it to you".

In the next few days, the lady often brought Lily to play. She and my mom are
chatting. I just stole a pile of snack in my pocket and took Lily out to eat.
"Guess what the flavor of today's lollipop is, if you guess correct, I will
give it to you" "Banana" "Yes, you are correct again. Here you go." "Why I am
always right" "Because you are so good at guessing" I didn't tell her that I
had all the lollipops with me, and she had no chance to guess wrong. A few
days later, Me and Lily were building the castle with stone. The lady came out
of my shop and shouted all the way: "Lily, go back for lunch."" Lily leave
reluctantly. The castle was half finished. I said "it's okay, we will pile it
up next time."

The lady came over and asked me with a smile: "Do you like Lily?"" I stared at
my toes and whispered, "I like her". "But we're leaving the day after
tomorrow, what should we do?" I glanced at Lily, and then looked at the lady
again, and suddenly I wanted to cry, and couldn't say anything with my throat
blocked. The lady squatted down and said to me: "I will tell you a secret.""
After I heard it, I shivered, and tears were collected. I destroy the
semi-finished castle, ran straight to home. I lay down until dinner. I
couldn't help to ask my mother if what the lady told me is true or not. My
mother nodded straightly, "Yeah, yeah, haven't you always known?" I cried.
"How many my candy he ate, why didn't you tell me earlier?" 

I just want to shout to that lady. Why the hell you dress your son as a little
girl! !! !! What's wrong with you! !! !! !! !! !! And she also gave him a
nickname, Lily! !! !! !! !! Is that the nickname used by boys?! !! !! !! After
years of recalling it, I realized that is the revenge from the lady!