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Library: <<An Elf who wanted to be a Bard>>


Author: tribune
Date:Dec 15 2020

I woke up at my home, in beatiful city of Manhole.
It was 3rd day of the Ysaril, i had big plans for this certain day, huge
things to do , but first things first i thought and i walked to kitchen and
took some coffee, that delicious coffee, which was powdered of coffee beans,
beans which Gaia, The God of all-what-we-can-see-in-nature has been generously
gave me last week. Praise for the Gaia - Praise for the Gaia!

I took my merchant belt from rack, and started my everyday work with wood,
what i needed to do was hack, hack and hack, before i noticed, i was exhausted
and all of my endurance points were gone, they were more than gone - i had
enormous negative amount of endurance points. I wondered, and pondered, what
to do now. Then i remember what my mentor Slimeburger told me years and years
ago, he told that there is highly respected guild in batmud, guild called
Bards, and according with my mentor tales Bards could sing more endurace to
himself or his companions. Praise for the Bards - Praise for the Bards!

I took some rest and when i had enough energy, i went to harbour, summoned my
precious vessel called Suomenjoutsen and sailed through rain and storm to
Rothikgen. I was almost at Rothikgen Ferry, but then some nasty pirates
attacked and tried to sink my beloved ship. I paniced, but God of Seas was
gracious and i got to Rothikgen without dying. Praise for the Gods - Praise
for the Gods!

I found this weird place in Shadowkeep, there was costumes, amphitheater,
notebooks, everything was new to me, everything i had never ever seen before.
There was some guy, who laughed at me, because i asked him about joining
Bards, he pointed me and laughed, in a second i got it - he was laughing at me
because im an ELF! Well, i was determined and i was asking about bards -
continuously. I told him, that every life matters and before i noticed, i was
accepted to be one of Highly Respected Bards. Every life Matters! - Every life

Then I started exploring this Imposing Conservatorium. I found a huge
platform, I was so amazed of that hall, which was beautifully decorated. I saw
there was hundreds and hundreds of seats, but they all were empty. Then I got
this vision from future - I saw myself, as actor, I saw me on this stage,
performing to the hundreds of people - every seat was taken and everyone were
giving applause and they were cheering for me and for my phenomenal
performance skills and they were chanting my name: Tribune! - Tribune! Then my
daydreaming stopped as fast as it started. I heard someone yelling at
backstage. What would be there I was wondering, maybe ill just go and check.

At backstage I found this costumier, she helped me right away to create few
costumes and I tried few of them on me, while watching myself from mirror, I
heard that same yelling I heard few minutes earlier when I was on platform.
What and why on earth someone is yelling so hard? Lets find out I was
thinking. I walked through a few rooms and I found this yeller. She was some
young bard, who was trying to create her first instrument. Based on the cry
and complaining, the work didnt go very well. She was so frustrated, so I just
gave her a huge hug and left her there to continue with her work.

Then I found a room, where I could study all these songs - there was some
knowledge about song called venturers way - this gotta be THE song, my Mentor
years ago had told me of. I didnt want to loose any more time, so I decided to
find this Songmaster called Holm and maybe He could teach this song for me.
After hours and hours walking, when I finally found Holm, it was night
already, but he was so nice, as he taught me the words of the song. I
memorized the song immediately and then I cruised back to my beloved home, in

What an incredibly great day it was, I thought and headed to my room. Tomorrow
I will memorize a new song again. I wrapped my blanket around me and returned
to the vision, I had previously, when I saw myself performing on the Imposing
Conservatorium platform. The last thing I thought before falling asleep, was
the fact that this is what I have always wanted to do and what i will do in
the future.

The End.