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Library: The story of Egmar, son of Thilain


Author: berenn
Date:Jan 15 2022

Egmar was born first of three sons for The King of Agenar, Thilain. He was
naturally the first in the order of succession, being the firstborn.

As a child, he was always looking for ways to trick and cause mischief. They
called him the prince of jest, for a good reason.
One time, at the age of 7, when the maidens and court servants were building a
feast in honor of Thilain, Egmar snuck into the kitchen.
He stole a bottle of wine and took it outside to the henhouse. There he poured
some of the wine for the chickens and waited. The chickens 
drank some and Egmar watched as the chickens started acting funny. He was
doubled up in laughter when his second cousin, then already a lord
at the age of 15, Justin arrived. Justin took him by the ear to answer to the
King. 'But but, the chickens were so funny when I got them 
wine!', Egmar explained. His father, the king, didn't take take this lightly
and ordered his son to be taken to Egmar's chambers to
contemplate his actions. 

When Egmar grew up, he has raised to be the future king. He trained in fine
arts, of both the sword and the pen. He wrote jesty little
poems and studied history. One time he was toying around with words and came
up with a nonsense: "Roses are red, violets are blue, my nose 
is exact, and it smells the rot of you!". His teacher didn't appreciate the
jestful prince's rhymes and gave him extra study chores for
4 hours. 'But history is so boring, this and that king had this and that for a
son and whom ever invented whatever..', 'I was to read
about heroic battles and dragons and knights!'. Egmar's teacher startled,
being a man of culture. 'There is no such thing as a dragon! 
They're mere fables and folklore!', he exclaimed. 'But when I grow up, I'm
going to find a dragon and fight it!', Egmar said.
'We will have this nonsense no more, you'll read this book of Richard the
first king and that's the end of that.', said his teacher.
But the fire of thought, that was lit by thinking of dragons started an ember
in Egmar's heart.

By the age of 20, Egmar was a fearsome swordsman. Wielding his longsword he
could cut a rope in two lengthwise. His reputation grew, and many 
thought of him as one of the greatest swordmen alive. But this ropecutting
didn't please Egmar. He wanted to venture and be an 
adventurer. So, he went to his father to ask for a permission to leave to far
away lands and become a real adventurer. His father didn't at
first like the idea at all, but it grow on him. 'The prince of jest, wanting
to be an adventurer. But, a prince of jest is still a prince!
One day you'll become the king after me.. Maybe this adventuring business is
something you need to pursue to become wiser, to build the
wisdom of a true king. And thus, I'll allow it.', said the king. And what an
adventure it was meant to be.

The following two years Egmar tried to find a dragon. He fought some orcs and
goblins in the dark caverns of the world. He ventured into
dark valleys, rich forests and up the rivers to the mountains where snow
eternally covers the landscape. 

But, a dragon.. he never did find. He returned home with wisdom, courage,
adamant resolve of a true fighter and king. His father met him at 
the gates of the castle, with a single teardrop in his eye: "My son, you have
returned. Now it's time for you to become the king, as I'm old
and can't carry the kingdom anymore."

And there, at the age of 22, Egmar became Egmar, son of Thilain, first of his
name, the king and ruler of the Kingdom of Agenar. The feast
in his merit lasted a fortnite, and that alone was a worth page in history to
come. The future looked bright for him, the jester prince had 
become a just and wise king. Where his story takes him, I'll have to tell you
that story some other time. Will he ever find a dragon?
The story is open, but deep in his heart even Egmar knew, that dragons are a
fable for children.