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Library: On the origins of Jorgos, part 1


Author: llewar
Date:Jan 16 2022

This scrap was found by me, Llewar of Avalon, song keeper, lore-historian, and
man-of-all, behind the books in one of the shelves regarding faith and the
gods. The words are written by clearly an educated hand, with expensive ink on
cheap parchment. The parchment is apparently a torn page from a merchant's

"I leave these words on parchment, as nothing not set in writing is to be
ultimately trusted, not to explain, but to leave proof that I existed, in the
case I should not return from my walkabout.
As I look back to the path I've taken so far, it is in no way with sadness,
but with a certain longing for the certainty I once held. The star I cherished
for so long, is still clear for all to see, but it no longer glows with the
fervor of youth and dedication it once did. Now, as I fold and pack away my
tabard for perhaps the last time, the choices of my youth do not haunt me, but
feel empty to me.
Despite all the power I hold, to choose life over death at my command, and to
shape the world around me in Aveallis's image, I feel I have neglected my own
personal growth. What I now long for, is not the glory of others nor of
myself, but for something that can only be learned in the material world by
To lay down the wrappings of glory, and to don an undyed robe. To wrap my
waist with a piece of rope and to walk off the path laid before me, with
nothing but my staff. These are the things I long for."

I believe these are the words no other than the Glorious Leader, Jorgos of
KokFjord, he who is enlightened, who almost resisted the temptation of flesh,
who brought with it light into the world, who was made anew, pure, hard and
free of disease in the glory of the morning. As the name is known to many but
the true story left to those of disreputable countenance, I will hence outline
his journey.
Jorgos was born in the early years. A devout follower of Tarmalen from an
young age, he was regardless tempted with the worldly views of his fellows
Ulath, Cleaver, Peregrin and Slimeburger, and soon found himself running from
adventure to adventure, healing the sick and staying pure. While slander would
point out to his frequent visits to places of low repute, his obsessive ear
picking and unnatural interest in forest animals, he was all in all, a young
man of rigid and firm faith.
Little is known of his middle years, not the names of his companions nor the
places where he went. While many theories exist, three have real merit, and
only one is deemed true by the gods ..HAIL ULATH... in these enlightened

The first theory makes Jorgos a pure being, born of divine creation alone,
made into the permanent physical form he still wanders the world in. This
theory is highly improbable as historical evidence points towards him being a
mortal being before his apotheosis.
The second theory is much more probable. A story of a simple man, hunted by
desires, and finally succumbing to a wasting disease. In this theory, his
apotheosis was brought on by prayer and divine intervention at the moment of
his death. 
The third viable theory is much darker than the two before, but in many ways
is a combination of the other two. In short, it is a story of a man places in
a difficult position, looking for his place in the world while being hunted by
divine forces and dragged into hell and back. The usual growth story of his
time. We believe this is the true story, as ... HAIL ULATH ... and since no
... HAIL ULATH... Especially since ... HAIL ULATH ..., and definitely necrotic
syphilis was not involved!

In the most viable theory, Jorgos was a normal man, growing in power to be one
of the strongest followers of Tarmalen of his day. In the dusk years of his
life, he gave up most of his power to become a wandering monk, an explorer of
the world, more interested in the workings of the physical world than matters
After this point, we are again lost. Between the years of the start of his
walkabout, and the creation of the first true Jorgos, little is known. Some
titbits of information however are available to us. It is known, that ...HAIL
ULATH... and that his soul was at some point taken by Natas and smashed into
tiny fragments. All of these fragments were then used in the formation of the
sanctimonious and heretical protoJorgi by Natas.

According to the legends, the first true Jorgos was formed by Ulath, by
dipping a pinecone into the True Stream Of Spirit and moulding it into the
souls true form. This act of creation formed the feebleminded Jorgos of the
Rangers guild. 
The true story is however more complex, since I, Llewar, know for a fact, that
the first physical vessel of Jorgos was formed in the days before the shaping
of the continents, in a place called The Valley. From where the spirit
inhabiting the body came from, I know not. But there is a strong feeling of
paradox in this story, which would point towards ... HAIL ULATH ... which is
thought to be a clear indication of divine or sorcerous powers.
The first version of Jorgos was made by joining the spirit of Jorgos with a
body made from paper mash. This mash was acquired by mashing together copious
amounts of items called "player valley leaflet?, from the entrance of a
long-forgotten place. An ancient chant that goes "Push the button take the
leaflet, put the leaflet in the table, push the button take the leaflet, put
the leaflet in the table, push the button take the leaflet? was chanted for
hours on end, before mashing the said leaflets, and imbuing the spirit of
Jorgos with the formed mash. Some unsanctimonious bastards spread the rumour,
that some of the mash was made from "Hot Nordic men, for non-homosexuals?-magaz
ines. This is a lie.
From the moment of his creation Jorgos has become somewhat of a legend among
the golems and golem enthusiasts of the world. While not quite as popular
amongst men as his brother Sven, Jorgos still has a place in the stories and
legends of this world.

This is just the start of the story that is the become the Legend of Jorgos,
Jorgos of the rangers guild and ask him about Llewar. He will tell you the