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Library: The Blue Dove


Author: golloth
Date:Apr 6 2022

One fine Spring morning, a group of young doves were gathering in the forest.
They had only recently begun to leave their nests and explore the wider,
greater world outside. The doves began meeting each other and making small
talk, as doves often due, when it became apparent that one of the doves was
quite unlike any of the others. You see, most of the doves were various shades
of white. They came in various types and shades, some bold and bright, others
more dull or even drab. Some were cream colored. Some were eggshell. Some were
ivory, or vanilla, or linen. There was even one dove who could be best
described as alabaster.

However, one dove was not white. He was not white at all. In fact this dove
was blue! He was bright blue like the sky on a spring day. And it was easy to
notice this, as it was indeed a Spring day on that very day that this story is

The other doves did not take kindly to a dove so different than themselves.
They began teasing the blue dove. They would knock his blue beak sideways as
he was trying to walk by. They would pull on his blue tail. They would pluck a
blue feather out of his side and then throw it on the ground in disgust. They
would even step on his orange feet (and dove feet are very sensitive!)
Yes his feet were orange, blue feet would be ridiculous.

Now this went on for the rest of the day, until the little blue dove
eventually went home to his mother and father. His dove parents tried to
comfort him by telling him that he may be different, but that he was special.
They explained to him that every dove is different in their own way, but you
have to use your strengths to succeed in life. He went to bed and slept on his
little dove pillow feeling a little better that night.

That was at least until the next day. When the young doves gathered again in
the forest they began teasing the blue dove even more mercilessly. The blue
dove tried to be brave, tried not to get upset, but he could not take it any
longer! The little blue dove stood up for himself, and told the other white
doves to mind their own business. The young white doves, however, were young
and brash and did not want to be told what to do by a dove that was blue. They
became louder and louder, and began circling the blue dove.

Caws and quacks and calls were coming in all directions, and the blue dove
began to panic. He was brave, but he knew that he could not defend himself
from all the white doves that were now closing in on him, many of which were
much bigger than he was. He did not see any escape, he wouldn't go left or
right, and there were doves blocking the way before in front of him and behind
him. Then he remembered, "I'm a dove, I can fly!" and took to the skies!

A group of hunters was nearby and heard all this commotion. Sly grins came
across their faces and they began to imagine a roast dove feast. The blue dove
flew off, and while the hunters could hear him, his blue feathers blended in
with the sky so perfectly that they could not see where he was. They pointed
their guns in the air, but it was useless. They looked at each other
disappointed and lowered their guns once again.

Immediately however, the group of white doves were in hot pursuit of the blue
dove. BANG! BANG! and several white doves went down. The others scattered in
all directions, realizing that they had much more important concerns than
bullying the blue dove. The young white doves realized that day that the skies
were dangerous. And the blue realized that he always had a safe escape.

The moral of the story is twofold: 1) Your differences are often your
strengths. Don't be ashamed of them. 2) Don't draw unnecessary attention to
yourself, as you may find that attention may be quite unwanted