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Library: How Juggelo Fixed The Laser Sharks


Author: anks
Date:May 22 2022

| The Lab |

There once was a powerful Priest known as The Doktor and his Tarmalen friend
known as The Doctor.
The Docktors were on a quest, for they had heard tales of mysterious Land
Sharks that could shoot Lasers from their heads.
The legends were varied, some told tales of multicolored powerful multi-beams,
some spoke of razor thin unicolored unique beam, nobody seemed to agree. 
The Docktors heard the tales and even though they were quite busy in The Lab,
they turned to each other and exclaimed :

"For Science!"

| The Sharks |

The Docktors searched the land far and wide and finally they found the secret
community of Laser Sharks.

They learnt that eons ago, the Sharks had allied with elemental Spirits so
that they could manifest powerful beams to defend their territory. 
They build a temple where the Spirits came to rest safely in Crystals,
safeguarded by the Sharks.
But now, standing in the Temple, the Docktors could see them :

A fiery, burning red crystal
A glacial, frigid blue crystal
A dripping, oozing green crystal
A pulsing, swirling yellow crystal
A crackling, electrifying cyan crystal
And looking sad, dull and shadowed, was a jagged, worn crystal...

| The Deal |

It seems that in ages past the Spirit of Air, feeling trapped and wanting
freedom, had left the safety of his crystal. 
While wandering the world he got harmed and hurt, battered and spent. When he
finally came back to the temple to rest, he was changed.
And ever since, the Shark's Laser Beams were not quite balanced. Air was not
bright and shining like eons past.

The Chief of the Sharks implored the Docktors : "Please, help us".
But the Doktor asked : "What's in it for me?"

And so it was agreed : The mighty Docktors would seek Juggelo The Balancer to
ask him to restore the Air crystal to it's former glory, and in exchange their
mighty Warrior would be enthralled to forever serve the Doktor.

| The Wizard |

The Docktors were well known in the realm, and so they managed to get an
audience with the Wise Juggelo.

They stood before him and asked : "The Spirit of Air is battered and pale,
please help restore him to glory. Oh but, make him Magenta. Yup, Magenta would
be good."
And Juggelo asked : "Why would I ? And.. why Magenta ?"
And the Docktors replied : "There are Sharks you see. And they shoot laser
beams. Wouldn't it cool if their beams were prismatic ? We need Air to be
And Juggelo said: "Right. Sharks with lasers. I see. Yes, I shall allow it."

And so it was done.