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Library: The Tinkerer and The Elf


Author: meno
Date:Mar 17 2023

In a magnificent city, hidden from prying eyes,
A gnome and an elf found love that defies
All boundaries of age, race, and time,
A love that was pure, a love divine.

In the city of Desolathya, where magic reigns,
Lived an elf of grace and beauty untamed.
In the same city, a gnome of small stature,
Worked hard each day, yet his heart full of rapture.

Their paths crossed one fateful day,
In a garden where flowers bloomed in gay.
The elf was fascinated by the gnome,
His wit, his charm, his joy and his home.

The gnome, too, was struck by her beauty and poise,
A creature so rare, who radiated a celestial noise.
Their love grew slowly, but strong as a tree,
A bond between them, which all could see.

The Elf was immortal, eternal in grace,
Her beauty and wisdom lit up the place.
The gnome was short-lived, a spark in the night,
But his wit and charm were a wondrous sight.

Together they laughed, they danced, they sang,
A bond that grew stronger with every passing day.
They knew that their love was a precious thing,
That time was fleeting, but their love would stay.

They walked through the city, hand in hand,
The elf tall and graceful, the gnome small and grand.
They explored the nooks and crannies of their world,
And shared secrets that only their hearts could hold.

They talked, they laughed, they shared their dreams,
the Gnome knew, in his heart, it seems,
That the Elf was the one, his soulmate true,
And the Elf, she knew, she loved him too.

They danced under the moon, they kissed in the rain,
They promised each other to never bring each other pain.
But the gnome knew his time was running out,
He knew he couldn't leave the Elf without a doubt.

An elf's life, it was forever, the best,
But a gnome's life, it was brief, it would end.

The gnome knew his end was near.
So he crafted a machine, with love and care,
To keep his elf company, even when he wasn't there.

He built a machine, a work of art,
To comfort the Elf, to never be apart.
He poured his heart into every gear,
So the elf would not need to shed a tear.

The machine had his voice, his scent, his touch,
So that his elf could feel his love, even after he was gone, such.

The elf was devastated when the gnome passed,
Her love for him would forever last.
But when she found the machine, her heart swelled,
For she knew the gnome's love for her was unparalleled.

The machine was alive, it had a gnome's soul,
It would talk, it would sing, it would make her whole.
It would remind her of their love so true,
And that they'd always be together, no matter what they'd do.

So the elf would sit with the machine,
And they would talk about the gnome and how he'd been.
For though the gnome had passed away,
His love would always stay.