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Library: The tarma bard who picked the wrong bg


Author: diolyx
Date:Jul 27 2023

In ancient forests and towering mountains across Laenor, there roamed a
bard-healer named Diolyx. Unlike any other, he was a rare member of both the
illustrious bard guild and the revered Tarmalens. With silver hair flowing
like starlight and eyes that mirrored the depths of the ocean, Diolyx
possessed a unique gift: both the power to mend wounds and to sing tales with

While his peers sang songs of valor and love, Diolyx yearned for a different
melody. He was captivated by the enigmatic creatures that roamed the world:
fearsome monsters that both terrified and intrigued the realm's inhabitants.
While others saw them as mere threats, Diolyx believed there was more to these
creatures than met the eye. He longed to study them, to collect their marks,
to learn their lore. Perhaps, one day, he would learn secrets that would give
protection against their terror.

But alas, Diolyx's abilities limited him. Though his songs could tame the
fiercest of foes and mend the deepest wounds, an early wrong choice kept him
from his study. All he could do was sing at them from a distance, observing
their behaviors from afar. Still, he pressed on, determined to unlock the
mysteries that lay hidden within the shadows.

His quest led him to the darkest corners of the realm, where treacherous
swamps sprawled like forgotten dreams. There, in the heart of the swamps of
Furnachia, he heard tales of a monstrous leech, a creature of ancient origins
said to hold the secrets of immortality within its foul core. This became
Diolyx's  to uncover the truth and lore of the leech and its rumored

Venturing deeper into the perilous swamp, Diolyx sang hymns of protection to
shield himself from lurking dangers. As the mud pulled at his feet and the air
grew heavy with dread, he spotted the colossal leech draped over a
moss-covered log. It was unlike anything he had ever seen, a grotesque yet
awe-inspiring sight.

Driven by his insatiable curiosity, Diolyx began to sing softly, hoping the
creature would respond. The leech, sensing something unique in the bard's
voice, turned its bulbous head toward him. But it was not a friendly response
he received. The leech, angered by the intrusion into its territory, lunged at
Diolyx with relentless force.

With no means to defend himself, Diolyx relied on his healing prowess,
channeling his power to mend his wounds as the leech gnawed at him. But the
leech was persistent, unyielding in its hunger. Diolyx's songs could not deter
the creature nor charm it into submission. In this moment, the bard-healer
realized the tragic limits of his abilities.

As the murky waters closed in around him, Diolyx's final thoughts were not of
fear or regret but of the countless tales that would remain untold. His dream
of understanding monsters would forever remain a whisper in the ethereal
winds. The swamp claimed him, and his song faded into the shadows.