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Library: How Aruthra obtained 2 Holy Defenders


Author: aruthra
Date:Feb 3 2024

A Paladin's Tale: How Aruthra obtained 2 Blessed Holy Defenders ....It emits a
white aura!!

(Author's Note: As this is a personal perspective, timelines may be off with
some historical inaccuracies, but the players and accomplishments in the story
is true)

(Real Time: Fall of 1992) 
It was the height of the Second Age in the world of the Bat, some may have
considered it the Golden Age of Batmud, with the first Heroes emerging from
all over the world. It was then that the Aruthra ConDoins entered the Realm as
a Catfolk Paladin. He was joined by his friends from the OtherSide: Entropy
(yes, *that* Entropy) the Lizardman Ranger, Kutusov the Ogre Fighter, Amino
the Elven Mage and Francis the Duck Conjurer. It was a new and exciting time
for all.  As a member of the Paladin Guild, Aruthra learned that paladins,
while not as powerful as the Fighter Guild or the Mage Guild, were a close
brotherhood of friends striving to uphold a code of honor and chivalry within
Bat. They decided to form 4 orders of knights (based off the David Eddings
series): The Genidians lead by Esgar Whiteblade; the Cyrinics lead by Skyfire
the Bold; the Alciones lead by Katscratx D'Puzzfoute; and finally the Pandion
Knights lead by Talien Radisgad. Of the 4 leaders, Talien was elected
unanimously as Grandmaster of all the orders. It was a time when then paladins
banded together as a group to take on and take down the evilest of creatures
in realm of the Bat. Aruthra chose to join the Pandion Knights and squire to
Talien Radisgad himself, and while Talien was a good mentor and a friend, the
bond of friendship was never as strong as those with the other paladins in the
guild, namely Esgar Whiteblade and Katscratx d'Puzzyfoute.

The Realm of the Bat was still in its infancy and despite all the instability
involving the OtherSide (e.g. disc cleaner event), it thrived and grew and
grew during this Age. Aruthra also grew strength and power, as well, he
created many friendships and alliances along the way outside the Paladin
brotherhood. He was also aware of the inner struggles within his guild. There
were various issues, but it was the limitations of the Paladin as fighter
compared to the Fighter guild or Infernal Knights that eventually lead to the
fall of the Holy Orders. As the Second Age came to a close and the Third Age
was approaching, many of the knights who once flocked to the banners of the
Four Orders slowly disappeared. Esgar Whiteblade was the first fade, followed
by Skyfire the Bold, then Aruthra's closest friend, Katscratx of the Cyrinics,
disappeared without a word. Finally, Talien, the first and only Grandmaster of
the Holy Order of Paladins departed the realm never to be seen again. By the
end of the Second Age, Aruthra stood alone as the last of the Holy Paladins
and while there were a small number of other paladins in the guild, none of
them showed interest to continue with Holy Order. Saddened as he was about
this outcome, Aruthra still developed into a capable warrior, for he was one
of the few mortals who was a Double Prime, a paladin and a ranger, and he
cultivated those friendships with others and together explored the world of
Bat taking on new challenges and fighting more and more powerful monsters of
the Bat realm. He and his companions were among the first to slay Lord Foul in
the his tainted Creche, followed by Akira in his shadow inner sanctum in the
heart of the dead city of Kara-Tur.

Time passed and the Great Conversion was approaching heralding the Third Age,
the newer Gods were starting to assert the rule over the Realm as many of the
Elder Gods faded.

It was then Aruthra received a voice in his mind, 'Aruthra meet me at Paladin
Guild, please come quick as I do not have much time!' He immediately
recognized it as his friend, Esgar Whiteblade, once head of the Genidian
A feeling of excitement, happiness and trepidation filled his mind as he
headed towards the Guild.

The Paladin's Guild Hall, once a bastion of noble camaraderie and unwavering
unity, now stood as a solemn testament to the passage of time and the shadows
that had befallen the esteemed order. The grand hall, adorned with intricate
stained-glass windows depicting heroic feats and symbols of justice, had
fallen into disrepair.

The air inside the hall was thick with the echoes of a bygone era.
Dust-covered armor and faded banners hung from the walls, bearing the four
emblems of the Paladin Holy Order ? once-proud symbols that now seemed to
mourn their diminished glory.

Shafts of dim light filtered through the cracks in the stained-glass windows,
casting ethereal patterns on the cold stone floor. The once-lustrous marble
pillars now displayed signs of erosion, and cobwebs clung to the corners like
forgotten memories. The vast meeting hall, where paladins had once gathered to
strategize and share tales of valor, now echoed with a haunting silence.

Even the Paladin Guild Master, wielder of the sacred the Blessed Holy Defender
....It emits a white aura!! and wearer of the White Bracers of Quickness, had
long since disappeared- an empty space where he once stood vigilantly guarding
the Paladin Guild Hall. It is there where he found Esgar Whiteblade, his
friend, in the guild's innermost sanctum.

Esgar, a large boned human paladin, was wearing his grey-black plate mail with
white trimmings. On his baldric was his sigil- a white sword pointing upwards
in a circular field of black. The two greeted each other warmly and then they
began catching up. Esgar offered very little in conversation as Aruthra talked
of his latest exploits.

Esgar finally spoke, 'It is no surprise to you that my time here on Bat is
done, but I was hoping to find you or the others to give my last farewells.
The other Paladins, if they were here, would be as proud and happy for you as
I am.'
And suddenly, Esgar handed Aruthra the Blessed Holy Defender ....It emits a
white aura!!!, one of the most treasured relics of the Paladin guild and one
of the most powerful weapons in the Bat realm. He could not believe his eye as
he held Esgar's, now his, Blessed Holy Defender shining brightly in the

'Esgar, you can't be serious? Are you sure? Do you know how much you can get
for this? I do not know what to say?', said Aruthra feeling overwhelmed with
Esgar noted, 'So, remember when my party of my squires and myself were trapped
behind the Dracolich and I asked for any assistance from any Paladins to free
Only you responded, Aruthra, you took the time to gather some companions,
fight your way through Castle Firefox, slay Sadisto, and enter the Dracolich
portal and dispatch that wretched beast before freeing us.
'I remember, I am sorry it took so long to free you as it took over an hour to
kill both Sadisto and Dracolich. However, Krystanimyth was kind enough to part
with his belt of bones after we slew him which my mage friend was happy to
claim,' Aruthra said with a wry grin.
   Esgar then said, 'I told you that I would not forget what you did for me
and my party, and now, if there was ever a person who deserved such a weapon,
it would be you.' pointing at the Defender.
Esgar gave Aruthra one last bearhug.
   'I am not one for long good-byes. Take care and good luck my friend, and I
wish you much success in your adventures in the realm of the Bat, carry on our
paladin code of honor.' 

And with that, Esgar was gone.

Weeks passed, and the Great Conversion was approaching, there was much talk,
nervousness, and excitement among the mortals of what the Third Age of Bat
will bring.  Aruthra made as much use of his new weapon as he could, wielding
the Frenchsaw (which he had looted from Narcuul Deathcut's rotting corpse
after he and his party had slain him) in one hand and the Blessed Holy
Defender ....It emits a white aura!! in the other. For the second time,
another voice whispering in the wind, calling him, to the farthest reaches of
the world of the Bat, 'Aruthra, it's me Kat, I know it has been a long time,
but please meet me at my Castle in the Valley of Players at 15 5', Aruthra
immediately knew who it was.
'Kat! Holy smokes, it's good to hear from you! I?ll be right there!'
   Aruthra arrived to see Katscratx the Catfolk Paladin, once-leader of the
Alcione Knights, dressed in his silver plate mail with gold and red trimmings
with a shield slung across his back bearing his emblem of a golden claw in a
field of red.
At once, Aruthra was both happy and sad to see him.
   'Why so glum my friend? And look at you! A Double Prime! You have become a
mighty force to be reckoned with!' 
   Aruthra bemused, 'I can?t say that it hasn't been fun, but I am a little
sad that you and the other paladins had disappeared, and I never had a chance
to say goodbye to any of you, save Esgar Whiteblade. I had hoped we would meet
again. I am assuming you are not staying long?'
   'Ah, Aruthra, know that you are right, my time has come to an end and it's
for the best. Still, it is good to know you are moving forward and kicking
Aruthra nodded sadly, 'I try my best, still, there are times when I wish it
was like the old days..', 
  'What's done is done, Aruthra, however, there is one thing I want to give
you, as a memento, a reminder of what we once stood for.' Without much
ceremony, Sir Katscratx d'Puzzyfoute reverently placed his Blessed Holy
Defender ....It emits a white aura!! into Aruthra's hands.
   Aruthra gasped in astonishment and hardly believe it, he has in possession
of not one but TWO Blessed Holy Defender ....It emits a white aura!! To own
one of these blades was a dream come true, but now to have two of them. He was
reeling at the thought of it. 
  'Kat! Do you know that Esgar gave me his Defender before he left, and now
you? You really mean to do this? This is too crazy to imagine.'
   Katscratx burst out laughing, 'Well, then consider yourself doubly blessed
and I expect you to but even more effective in your adventurous quests!'
The two talked a little more until finally, Katscratx gave him one last
bearhug, 'Good luck my friend and best wishes on successful adventures in this
world, may you get lots of super cool magic items coming your way, wield both
swords in our honor.'
 And like Esgar, Kat was gone.

Aruthra headed back to his castle for there was much to do as he readied
himself. The Third Age was coming, and he was prepared as any, and now in
possession of two of the most powerful holy relics from the Golden Age, who
knows what is to come? Wielding two Holy Defenders, he looked forward to all
the new challenges and adventures with his companions down the road, and each
time he took up those swords, it would be a gentle reminder of those paladins
he once called friends and remember what they stood for.
Side Note: Aruthra still owns one of the Defender blades currently, what
happened to the second one? I'm not quite sure, you have to ask Resin. :)