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Author: Ran
Date:Sep 11 1997

All her books are mostly false, and anything about me is seriously distorted
or a lie.  Do not use it against me, thank you.  This book from:  Ran.

Team 'A' failure.

Team 'A' was supposed to occupy intended victim's character to keep him busy
while operations took place.  There was extensive planning put into this
operation, but due to general oversight in the conditions surrounding the
victim, and the failure of Team 'A' to occupy the victim's character here, the
operation was a failure.  Team 'A' was sucessful at first, having penetrated
the victim's 'castle' and re-accquired all the victim's game-'EQ'.  However,
after their initial sucess, in their attempts to keep the victim occupied with
the happenings here rather than have him pay attention to his own 'real-life',
the team leader was co-opted by the enemy.  Team 'A' was quickly rendered
ineffective and was disbanded.  When the damage Team 'A' had done was repaired
by the victim, he was able to pay attention to his 'real-life', and was able
to cause the operation to fail.

Because of the (now visable) and obvious direct threat to him, victim is
likely to use the people under his command (about 30 or so) to attack soon. 
Therefore, it is important that everyone be watchful of any threats.  Victim's
goal is to kill all non-humans on his world, and because of the failed attempt
on him he is now likely to attempt an attack soon.  So be careful out there,


If victim is sighted, engage victim if and only if you feel it is a winning
proposition.  If, by your estimation, it is imposible to win, do not fight. 
Do not accept surrender, and do not negotiate.  Expect victim to be serious
and well-equiped.  Expect those under his command to have good morale and be
well-equiped.  Recommend engagement from craft or vehicle only.  If caught on
foot, attempt to flee or escape.  

Possible Weakness

Poor mobility.  Cannot attack craft directly.
No inherent powers.  


In planning stage.  Ask me.

Completed and resolved.  To quote some old human philosopher, in serious
matters, it's best to win fights without fighting at all.  Due to reality,
that intended victim does not currently see completely, the situation is
expected to resolve normally.  No further action is needed.  This book written
by: Ran.

A full report can be given once the situation has resolved itself naturally. 
As of yet, the exact resolution is unknown, but the result is practically
assured.  Victim will either die of shock or be forced to abandon his church
and his "all non-humans must die" sentiments.   Either result is acceptable. -