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Library: End of The Great Demolish War


Author: Eraser
Date:Sep 27 2002

Once upon the time there were four merry fellows called Gerald, Hodeus, 
Bergmer and Jyolius. Gerald was an ogre, Hodeus an elf, Bergmer a human and 
Jyolius a drow.
They were all good friends despite different races they stand for.
Those adventurers were brave for sure, but not very well known.
Except for one exceptional day they lived long time ago...

The Great Demolish War had been going on for few hundred years now. 
The northern part of the land had made an attack to the south. Ground rembled 
as thousands of vikings with their chained polar bears moved across the 
valleys, covered by ice dragons. The leader of the evil vikings was 
Greboxtroth The EVIL giant that was at least 40 feet tall, and the weight of 
Greboxtroth was so  great, that he left pond sized craters after him, while
he rumbled down the valleys.

On the other side were the good guys, led by Swellorow The GREAT Dwarf.
Swellorow had sworn by the name of Aveallis that he would defend the southern
part of the world, to the bitter end, until it is time for him to pass away.
Swellorow had many faithful armies as friends, whom served the good as well.
He had called them all to defend the south, but the evil forces were strong -
maybe just a bit too strong. The lines were falling down.

It was a sunny afternoon when the four fellows walked upon the hills. They 
were returning from land Hyotris, were they where rinsing gold. Luck is what 
they didn't have, so they were returning with empty pockets. They were tired 
of the long and hard journey, and they decided to rest a bit on the shadow of 
a big boulder.

There they laid comfortably, until one of the ice dragons flew over them 
shaking the boulder and sending their belongings all over the hills. 
Bergmer started to scream as he panicked very badly. Brave Gerald grabbed him 
to his arms and got him calmed, until another dragon flew over them. Now 
Hodeus and Jyolius got terrified too, and they got up and started to run down 
the hill screaming for help. Third dragon noticed them and speeded up in 
front of them. Dragon landed spreading its magnificent wings, and on the very 
same second Hodeus and Jyolius were frozen from dragon fear. Dragon examined 
the poor adventurers for a minute, and then opened its huge mouth and grabbed 
both of them between the huge teeth and flied away.

By the boulder Gerald had finally calmed down Bergmer. He stood up to see 
where did Hodeus and Jyolius go, but he didn't see them anywhere. He sat back 
down with very sad look on his face. 
'What?' asked Bergmer.
'Where are Jyolius and Hodeus?' he continued.
'They are gone' Gerald hissed with very depressed voice.
'What are we going to do?' asked Bergmer
Gerald had nothing to say. He just didn't know.

They packed all the things they managed to save from the blow of dragons 
wings, and carried on with the journey. It was quiet. Neither of them wanted 
to talk about what just had happened. They just walked and walked... Darkness 
was about to fall and the vallies turned to black. Still they didn't stop. 
They just wanted to get to home.

On the top of one high hill Bergmer saw something.
'Look, there's a camp down there!'
Gerald zoomed down the hill and managed to see a cap yet under construction.
'Let's go down there and see that if Hodeus and Jyolius are there' said 
Bergmer. Gerald pondered a while and nodded his head after he had made his 
decision. They started to sneak down the hill towards the camp. The darkness 
was covering them up very well, and they managed to reach the camp in just 
few minutes.
'Can you see a flag?' asked Gerald.
'No...' said Bergmer. 
'Wait! I see it now. It's the flag of Swellorow!' exclaimed Bergmer and smile 
appeared to his dirty face. We are safe now! Let's go down there and tell 
about Hodeus and Jyolius.

Bergmer lighted a torch and they ran to the camp. Once they reached the camp 
one of the guards noticed the torch and blew to his horn. Many guards ran to 
those poor adventurers and before they got anything out of their mouths, they 
were surrounded by heavily armed dwarfs.
'Nooo, don't hurt us! We are friends!' exclaimed Gerald.
'We are adventurers returning from the lands of Hyotris and we just lost two 
of our friends to huge ice dragons!' exclaimed Bergmer.
Gerald was about to continue, but suddenly he started to stutter. He just 
couldn't get a word out of his mouth. Guards looked suspiciously at him and 
noticed that he was just pointing his finger to the skies. As the guards 
looked up, an ice dragon froze them with a single blow!
They were ambushed!

Greboxtroths battle cry echoed over the hills and in a blink of eye thousands 
of vikings attacked the camp! Swellorow tried to blow to his horn, but as he 
raised the horn up on his lips he was frozen due one of the dragons blow. 
Vikings set the polar bears free and they rushed into the camp clawing 
and chewing everything into pieces. All the armies of Swellorow were frozen 
and they didn't have a change. Few minutes and everything was destroyed and 
killed, including Gerald and Bergmer.
Evil has taken over the southern part of the land and hope was slipping away 
from the good.

Only few dwarves survived the battle, and they had to flee away from the 
combat. They moved to eastern part of the land and joined other good aligned 
societies to gather up new armies to fight Greboxtroth, and to restore the 
light in all lands.

And those were the dwarves, who told the story about four adventurers, who 
drove Swellorow and his army into death and destruction.