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Library: Eternal winter


Author: Fizbuck
Date:Oct 18 2002

Eternal Winter

A small town called Sandstone once was a beatiful place. It was pretty
isolated and independent town where a bit over than thousand people lived in
happiness. The citizens made the living by farming land and selling the farm
products to the capital and other bigger towns and cities. In the center of
the city was a school, small library and a high tower which was owned by the
town's mage Xatha.

One summer the mage Xatha was doing a research to improve the lands health and
thus giving a better crop next year. He had learned that by controlling the
spirits of the land, he could not control them but direct their powers. In
that way he wished he could create a better earth ground. Xatha had discovered
an ancient book and had just finished up reading the old and very powerful
runes when earth started to shake. 

A cold breeze came to the town and the clear sky was covered with clouds.
People started panicing and running away from the town center. Xatha could
barely stand when town mayor ran to the room.

'What's happening Xatha, What have you done!', flapped the mayor.

'Listen to me! Take the citizens and leave the town! I think we have a
problem!', shouted Xatha, but the noice around was getting louder and the
mayor didn't hear the words. Suddenly a huge whirlwind kind of spirit rose
from the ground and leaned to the skies right in the town center.

A voice boomed: 'Buahahaaa, finally someone gave me the keys, THE KEYS!'

The mayor paniced and ran out of the tower and out of the town. The
temperature of the air started dropping rapidly and in no time at all it
started snowing. The whirlwind started to take shape and Xatha could only
watch helpless as the figure took form of a demon. A demon with horns, sharp
claws, big teeth and huge wings. The air was getting chilly and air started
steam as one breathed.

Outside the city mayor found dozen farmers which hadn't been in the town when
the accident happened. The ground was shaking vigorously and it had torn a
long abyss near the mountains.

'What is happening?!', asked the farmers.

'Flee the town, leave your belongings and head for the mountain and take
cover', answered the mayor. 'Follow me NOW!'. 

The mayor with forty farmers started climbing up to the mountain only to
discover a new disaster.

Xatha started reading another book he had discovered last year in the hope he
could unsummon the beast, but noticed that evening that he was helpless. The
air had already came so cold that he could barely move. Thick snow layer had
covered the city and blocked the outer gates. The beast called Xatha by name:
'Xatha the mage of town  Sandstone, Step out!'. The voice was like thousands
of children crying, Xatha could not have disobeyed even he had wanted. He
slowly shambled to the balcony. 

'Bwuahaha, Thank you Xatha giving ME the spirits! I shall order them now,
finally the atmosphere is right for me to take control the Whole land!',
shouted the Beast and breathed towards Xatha and a icy wind froze Xatha on the
spot. The town's mage was now standing on his balcony covered with ice,
without lifesings. There was no other inhabitants of town to be seen, They all
had the same horrible end.

After a few days the beast left the town and crawled in to the abyss, carrying
3 bottles where the spirits of the earth was kept imprisoned.

Meanwhile the mayor and other farmers was having trouble climbing. They were
already very high where normally snow cover was found, but this time only huge
streams of melting snow. They hadn't slept for 2 days, few farmers had died
when a new huge stream of water had took them with it. The sky thundered and
the temperature was raising rapidly as they climbed higher and higher.

On the third day they reached a small cliff with a cave they could take cover
in. Only then they could see the devastation which had happened in the city.
They could see only snow and ice, no people at all. They also couldn't see the
beast anymore.

'One of you has to go down again and see if there are anybody alive, gather
them together and bring them here to safety. Here we will have some food from
bushes and a shelter.' said the mayor.

'John, will you climb down to the city? You are the youngest and strongest, we
wouldn't have a change'.

With a tiny nod John took his staff and started climbing down. the other could
only watch in terror and be sure that the mayor had sent John to a certain
death. The mayor then gave orders to the others, two stays in guard, two
starts gathering food and the rest will start building a shelter in to the

John returned 10 days later with two women and four children who were hiding
outside the town gates when John had found them. He had found no other alive
people, and he couldn't enter any of the buildings because the doors and
windows were frozen. John told the mayor also that he had seen Xatha frozen
still in his balcony and the huge abyss they had seen 3 days ago was now
covered with ice. The temperature in the town was cold that nobody could live

'What has happened here, Where is the snow!?' asked John as he noticed that
the top of the mountain was all green.

'The temperature have been raising steadily, I don't know what's happening,
but it seems that all the snow and ice has sunken down in the valley to our
town.' answered the mayor. 'I have sent one scout to the capital to tell the
news, but now we have to stick together, gather food and try to survive.'

I stayed there for 3 more weeks, sang songs to raise their spirits and told
tales I had heard in my earlier adventures. As the new climate plants and
trees started to grow beside the mountain top, where they could get food. They
also put together a small farming field from grains the farmers had carried. I
left with broken heart, and on my way to new adventurers I wrote down this
story, a story I could sing and tell in the cities and towns I next wander and
only hope, that some brave adventurer could raise his sword and come here to
help the people of Sandstone.