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Library: example of network operation


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Oct 28 1996

This is an article about a network operation in Europe.

An estimated 300K people protested in Belgium the other day, in response to
the network-infiltrated government's handling of a children porn ring.  It
should be noted that the distribution of pedophelia or "child porn" is a
common the task of the IP, or  "Information Processing" wing of the network,
but what made this case stand out was "the cruel treat- ment, forced
improsonment of children, sometimes  even children killed to stop them from
speaking  out.  Network members were to suceed at any cost,  even if that
meant forgetting they were human."

Even network officials have acknowledged that this protest is probably the
largest in European history. The peace protests of the 1980s, protesting
Nuclear Arms and other issues in Europe are meager by  comparison.  

"What those children endured makes us all feel a little strange.  I've never
heard of anything like this before at all."

Four girls were killed, two rescued alive, and 10 more are missing and
believed dead.  The network circle responsible was reportedly headed by Marc
Dutroux, known throughout the network only by his nickname "Little John", a
reference to his sexual "preference".

Citizens are unhappy with the network-infiltrated, largely incompetent, and
corrupted judicial system. On the whole, no one knows how deep the network
infiltration is, but some investigators believe even longtime political
figures could be involved in the network operation itself.  

A recent network counterattack had already removed the top investigator that
had discovered the ring and its relation to the network.  The investigator had
allegedly "compromised his impartiality by accepting a spaghetti dinner and a
fountain pen during a fund-raising event last month for families of missing
children."  Network officials claimed to be merely following the law, others
saw Connerotte, the top investigator, as the only caring and
non-network-supporting investigator.  

Mass strikes, walkouts, and protests followed.  Even the firefighters took to
the streets to "hose down" the network-infiltrated "Palace of Justice", or
main judiciary building.  

More quotes from some protesters -- "People have to do what people have to do.
 Like old times."  "It's no fair that they [the network] can force working
people without 'political connections' to follow the letter of the law, while
they themselves skirt, bend, or break it."

Two of the child victims of the network operation had starved in an
"underground dungeon", almost a year after disappearing from their homes.  The
network-infiltrated government was all but ignoring repeated pleas by parents
of the missing children to find them.