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Library: A Keen Eye on the World - Newbie Mountain


Author: Finaldey
Date:Nov 2 1995

A Keen Eye on the World: Newbie Mountain and Caves

Directions: 2 sw; s  from Digga's newbie area

First, I'll begin with a map of the mountain:

Key:                   bbbb
b Base of Mt         bbbbbbbb
L Lower slopes      bbbbbbbbbbbb
m midway up      bbbbbbLLLLbbbbbb
N Near top   E bbbbbbLLLLLLLLbbbbb
p Plateau     bbbbbbLLLmmmmLLLbbb
T Temple     bbbbbLLLmmNNNNmmLLbbb
E Entrance  bbbLLLLLmNNppppNmLLbbb
s mountain  bbbLLLmmNpppTpNmLLbbb
   stream    bbbLLmNNppppNmLLbbbb

This map is also available near the entrance/exit. It's written on the sign

This particular mountain is divided into five height levels from the foot of
the mountain to the plateau at the top of it. Different kinds of monsters
inhabit all of the levels except the top where only the caretaker roams. The
monsters go up in difficulty as you ascend the mountain sides, the easiest
being less that 1k worth and the caretaker at the top around 8k. Note the
mountain stream running all they way from top to foot. This is propably the
nearest water source from the Digga's area as well, if we don't count the pond

Atop the mountain there is a temple that works as a portal to the BatCity

More interesting than the mountain itself are the caves inside it. The cave is
midway up the mountain (showed on the map). Rock diggers of various sizes
inhabit this dungeon, from the upper level weak to the large diggers and the
king himself on the third level. They are a good source of exp and also yield
ice picks to sell. Following are the maps of the caves, from level 1 to level

    *                     *         *                *
    |                     |         |                |
*   O-O-O-O-*             O     O-O-O          *     O     *
|       |                 |     |                  /    /
O       O                 O-O-O-O                O-O   K-O
       |                /      |                      |
  O-D   O-*             *       D-O-O-*                O     *
 /    /                      /      |                |    /
*     O                   O-U-O       O        *-O-*   O-U-O
      |                  /    |       |              /     
    O-O-O-*             O     O-*     *              O       O
   /                    |     |                     /        |
  E                     *     *                  *-O     *   O-*
                                                       /    |
                                                     O-O     O
                                                    /       |
                                               *-O-O     O-O-*

Map key:
O - empty room             * - room containing a digger
U - passage up             D - passage down
E - exit out of the caves  K - the king

I'm not 100% sure of those digger places. They're just the way they were when
I mapped the caves.

Summary: A good place to gather exp for both newbies and a little more
experienced adventurers. Watch for the king! He's quite tough.