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Library: a lesson in how to talk with frogcursed people...


Author: Ytrok
Date:Aug 13 1997

when turned into a frog only bodylanguage is possible 2therefor, the same
system used during worldwars can be used, but instead of using alpha, beta and
game, you use the bodymovement that symbolizes the letter you want to spell
out. if a frog wants to say help me. it would look like the frog was Hiding
Evil Lovingly Puking Moaning and Evil. the actions spell the sentence by th
front letters... an entire list of movements follow now, but it was not
possible to complete it...

A = argh B = belch C = cover D = doh E = evil F = fart G = grin H = hide I = ?
J = jump K = kneel L = love M = moan N = no O = oh P = puke Q = ? R = run S =
snore T = think U = ? V = ? W = wail X = ? Y = yawn Z = ?

as you can see its quite simple...

one added thing. i once were a frog, and my race were troll, and trolls are
allergic to water, and my grop stood in water. i lost hp. i couldnt
communicate with my group, and started to scream in hope that they noticed
that something were wrong, but they only started to scream roll fart and such
things and i almost died... so if a frog screams, get away from the place you
are at... also a frog can peer into a direction when telling what way to go...

write down the frogalphabet and give this book to someone else, that way if
you become a frog, you can be understood...