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Library: general advice


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Mar 5 1997

-(1)- You just can't argue with some people.

In general, people will believe what they want to, not the truth.  Which is
perfectly okay, b'cos in the end that makes them happy.  For instance, I was
arguing with some christians the other day about the bible (which they called
'the book') and asked her "we'll how do you know it's true?"  So she flipped
to a certain page and said "we'll it says here, under (blah), X:X-X, that you
must 'live' by this book and that there are no lies in this book, everything
the book says is true."  And for them, that was proof enough.  Which is a
perfect example of people believing on pure faith what they want to.  So the
verbal argument didn't last much longer.

-(2)- Being 'popular'.

The worst kind of friend is one that makes it look as if though they're your
friend, but will turn and stab you in the back if you ever really need them. 
So don't worrey about being 'popular', all you'll get is friends like that,
people that hang around "popular" people in an attempt to make themselves more
popular.  So they're just looking out for themselves, they're liable to be
jealous, egotistical, and such.  You're not a politician, so don't act like

-(2.5)- Excessive information.

The world is so large, and there is so much going on that there is enough
information out there for people to justify any belief they want to.  So tell
people the truth (I'll talk about why later), but don't worrey if they don't
believe it.  Most likely they've already made their mind up about you before
they even meet you.

-(3)- Fulfillment and purpose.

At this point, people you meet already start out with their minds made up
about just about everything.  Even (their image) of you, before they meet you.
People are quite judgemental and competitive, it makes them feel good when
they can say "I'm better than ...", which mostly becomes "I have more <stuff>
than ...", "I'm a better person than ...", "God likes me more than ...", or
"People like me more than ..." in today's modern society.  Now, the important
thing to understand is that there is so much information out that that person
A can feel justified in saying he's better than person B in every possible
way, and person B can feel justified in saying he's better than person A in
every way also.  And they'll both be happy, and think they're the better one. 
Which for them, is fulfilling.  

Likewise, some people just want to hate you and won't be fulfilled any other
way.  It's almost as if it becomes "their job" or "their place in life" to
hate you.  So every version of everything you do will be taken negatively by
them, and used to hate you even more.

-(4)- Hatred

So b'cos there's so much 'stuff', and largely a glut of information in the
world, if you're actively participating in something, anything, some people
will no doubt hate you.  You should take this as a good sign, it means you
really are actively participating in things.  Which I'll discuss why this is
better later.  But what to do about this side effect?  I mean, people that
hate you, even a little will try to hurt you, physically, mentally, or hurt
other things you care about like your kids, pets, or good friends.  We'll,
this sounds strange, but the best thing to do is to make them hate you even
more.  Hatred is not an on/off thing, but more a gradient or a scale. 

So take some time and examine the effects of different levels of hatred within
people.  If someone slightly hates you, they'll talk behind you back, and say
bad things about you socially.  Which doesn't really matter, since there's a
glut of information out there anyway which gives people the freedom to believe
anything they want (and justify it).  So if they hate you more, maybe they'll
be more direct about trying to damage you.  Like they'll hurt you physically,
or try to kill you, or such.  And if they hate you a great deal, they'll try
to make you suffer, make you suffer by hurting, killing, or torturing what is
important to you -- your kids, good friends, pets, or such (I'll call this
type 3).  But what is beyond that?  If you can force them to hate you even
more than that, then they begin to demonize you, or make you into a devil. 
They will become even more gullible as they believe every bad thing about you,
as they no longer  even bother to "justify" (as they did before with the
preponderance of information) how they feel about you.  This is where the
hatred actually starts to "eat into them" and make them less of a person (I'll
call this type 4).  The thing about this type of hatred is also that a devil,
or a demonic being is something powerful, something to be feared, and
generally avoided.  So use this to your advantage.

So while it may occasionally make sense to have a few type 3's, it is
generally preferable to move people toward type 4's as soon as they start
really hating you.

-(5)- Enemies

Okay, an enemy is someone that not only believes you are evil/bad/"against
God", but also will do something about it, like try to hurt you.  Most of
these fit into the "hatred: type 3" category I talked about above.  They hate
you, but not to the point where the hatred makes them less of a person.  They
will try to hurt, destroy, or kill the things important to you, or hurt/kill
you directly.  So obviously people like this can become a problem.  Their
effects need to be minimized, or somehow turned to your favor.

-(6)- Ease of attack.

In general, people are like water, they will flow downhill and always take the
path of least resistance.  If say a 10-year-old kid hates a big tough guy,
he's not going to go out and try to beat up the big tough guy.  If the kid was
that stupid, the kid wouldn't have survived 10 years to begin with.  The kid
will take the path of least resistance and in this case harm to self, they'll
hurt the guys wife, or his car[1], or such.  And the big tough guy will get
just as upset, or perhaps even more upset. 

[1] Don't ask me why, but guys take their cars very personally.  In general,
you can treat the "bond" between a guy and his car as love.  I suppose its the
closest thing most guys will ever get, shit, I'm going off, sorrey.

-(7)- Usefullness.

Everything has a use, even enemies.  The best way to do this is to make them
"see" something close to you and easy to attack.  Its kinda hard to explain,
there is some ingenuity and creativity involved.

I'll start with an example.  Let's say person A is longtime enemy of mine, and
person B is a newer enemy who is a little above type 3 hatred (but not all the
way to 4, not so far that he actually fears you).  And you have a tentative
peace with person A, person A has so many enemies he hasn't spent much time
attacking you lately.  We'll the best thing to do is to first make it hard for
person B to attack you, so they'll attack the things important to you instead.
Then the next thing to do is to make person B see person A as something that
is close to you, and something that is easy to attack.  In this case, I did
this by started spreading rumors that person A was really a friend/lover of
mine, and that even though we have occasional spats in general we're on good
terms with each other, and sooner or later we'll get married.  When person B
finds this out, he thinks "Oh, person A is an easy target, I'll attack him
instead" and goes off and starts fighting with person A.  Now person A has so
many enemies and is therefore quite powerful, so B promptly disappears and
isn't found again.

So the key here is to 1) make it hard for the enemy to attack you directly, 2)
be able to feed them false information.  That's all.  If you can design the
information that they are fed so they want to believe it, they will.  And you
can make them attack anything you feel like.  Needless to say, the best thing
to make them attack is another enemy.

-(8)- Why tell people the truth.
There are a few reasons.  One is that you want people to tell you the truth. 
And its no fair to expect something from someone when you're unwilling to do
so yourself.  Also, its how things "ought" to be, if you try to be clever,
lie, or conceal you tend are taking time and energy to do so.  For instance, I
can always know the truth just by looking, but I have to and dream up
something of my own to make a feasible lie.  Like if I insist I'm a nice
person, then someone might demand "okay, give me an example of that" if I
wasn't really nice at all.  And then I'd have to waste more time and energy
dreaming up something that isn't even a part of reality, so I could convince
them I was a nice person.  And who is the one here that is really being
controlled?  By lying, you let reality take control of you.

Of course, this is how one should deal with their friends and people they
like.  When dealing with others, there is always judgement and balance.  For
instance, if someone from the Church of Scientology or another network group
asked me where I lived, I might give them Mika's address or someone else's.  I
only have to waste a little time thinking up a feasible lie, and they will
waste much time trying to harass a nobody. 

-(9) Reality
Do your best to not let reality define your thinking.  If you take only the
choices that reality hands you, or makes obvious to you, you often end up in a
lesser-of-two-evils situation.