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Library: general combat tecnique


Author: Ran
Date:Dec 3 1997

(extreme long standoff close)

pixie (pixie pixie)
  Immediately move to long range, fire off multiple sonic blast.  Then quickly
advance to close and edge your opponent back while fighting off his attack. 
Don't counter, just try to regenerate your will. When you get it back up to a
good level, quickly move back again and do another set of multiple sonic blast
before closing again.
  Ski, Int to make the sonic blast effective.  Spd to make you regenerate will
quickly, and Lif so you can survive long enough.

sueno (sueno sueno)
  Immediately close to standoff, drain opponents will with multiple lick. 
Then close and use tail whacks.  Keep your opponents will low, it will make
him hit you less (if he attacks at all).  If you get backed off, you can
teleport, but it's expensive so don't overuse it.
  Spd to regenerate will faster than your opponent, so you can keep him down
with multiple lick attacks.  Ski, some Int to make lick attack effective.