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Library: general evasion procedure


Author: Ran
Date:Nov 26 1997

  Other defensive systems aside, survival of attacks depends greatly on early
detection, classification, and subsequent evasion of the launched weapon.

Unguided weapons
 - rockets, assorted projectiles
  1) Never fly straight toward or away from firing unit.
  2) Vary speed and heading constantly.

Control-guided weapons
 - missles guided by a remote unit
  1) If possible, place object between weapon and controlling unit.
  2) If possible, target and destroy controlling unit.
  3) Use countermeasures to interfere with guidance of weapon.
  4) Any interference with sensors of guidance unit will be reflected in
guidance of weapon.
  5) Target weapon with explosive countermeasures.
  6) Outrun weapon to increase time to intercept.
  7) Run weapon out of fuel by causing it to repeatedly change course.

Active-homing weapons (slow)
 - Missles with built-in guidance
  1) Place object between you and weapon.
  2) Fly straight toward or away from weapon, target weapon with beam
  3) Fly past the perpendicular, about 120 degrees away from weapon.  Launch
countermeasures, accelerate to maximum thrust to leave weapon's detection arc.
  4) Weapon's sensors or often small or inadequate, interfere with these.
  5) If planetside, fly close to ground and move fast.  Accelerate prior to
intercept, causing weapon to overshoot and impact the ground.

Special avoidance
  (active guidance only)
  Signal guidance, [radar] guidance:  Get very close to a large object, fly
very low and slip away.  Otherwise, fly away and sideways, use proper
  Heat guidance - Use appropiate countermeasures, pull out of tracking arc.
  Image guidance - Use applicable ship-based systems, use appropiate decoys.
  Multiple guidance - See above, target with explosive countermeasures, or use
all-purpose decoys.