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Library: Grifosophy. Volume 1. Relationships


Author: Grifter
Date:Nov 2 1995

Welcome to the net. Where the only limitations is the power of your
imagination. The net is a powerful beautiful place where all the things of the
body become immaterial. It's a tempting thing to forget about everything and
just toss yourself into the net fully.
    One of batmud's strengths is the large amount of people who play it.
Batmud strives to have people party together and as people do so..they get to
know each other..until a friendship forms. In most cases this is safe enough,
for what does it matter? You log on, bullshit around a bit, log off. No effect
on Real life.
     But in more and more cases, there is something else people
spend more and more time online, they forget RL..and lose themselves totally
into the netuniverse.  And as their ties to RL become less, they take the
relationships they form on the net a step further.  They convince themselves
that they are in love with another person. A person that they've never met. A
person who's entire existance could be a lie.
     Perhaps the most recent example I know of is a woman who is married. Two
people she know  on-line will be paying her a visit in a few weeks to most
likely get laid. 
   I don't know where I'm going with this. I really don't. When I first sat
down and started writing, I wanted to just say NO! Relationships on the net
are bad. BAD BAD. 
    But..the net can be a wonderful medium on introducing us to other people
who have similar tastes.  I'm currently semi-dating a person that I originally
met on the net, and then met RL in a net gathering.  But, I've also been in
disasterous relationships when things on the net went too far..and I thought I
was truly in love.

What I guess it all comes down to is nothing more than just realizing that the
net can be an impeteus..a beginning of something, but there is so much more.
Grifter D'Erisian. TurboNewbie, eternal ranger wannabe.