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Library: Grifter's Tanking Guide


Author: Grifter
Date:Nov 2 1995

Rules for Tanking.
1.  Train your own mages and healers.
2. Do not accept people yelling out, "I want a party."
Instead. Do who race <blah> and contact the people you want.  Do this only if
the trained mage or healer is not on, or if you want to recruit fresh blood.
3.  Do not accept anyone, who cannot walk through water.  If this means buying
a ring of water walking, take it out from there share of the loot.
4.  Never type ignore Party Member.  IF he is that annoying, kick him out of
the party instead, and leave him stranded.  Mages tend to panic at this point,
and will beg you to forgive you.    Accept only if they grovel, or if you feel
merciful.  But do not coddle them.  
6.  You as tank, are responsible for the lives of your party members,
exploration of new areas, and getting the people there in one piece.  Take
this seriously.  It is important.

7. Have fun.

8.  When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream, and shout. n
9.  Never use the 10 <direction> command, while moving in a party.  Always use
walk <direction> This is useful in 1, it moves faster and 2, it helps you find
landmarks, a lot more easily.